Ealing Trailfinders 1871 League Playing Records 2021/22
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Date: 13-02-2022 00:00:00
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Playing records for Herts & Middlesex Division 1.

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FullName02-Oct16-Oct23-Oct30-Oct06-Nov13-Nov27-Nov04-Dec11-Dec15-Jan22-Jan29-Jan12-Feb26-Feb05-Mar26-Mar02-AprGrand Total
Amankwaa, Kelvin11
Avis, Oscar11111117
Beasley, Luke112
Beck, Kyle111111118
Brathwaite, Lucas1113
Chukwuma, Kenenna112
Costa, Andrea1111111111111
Day, William112
Donnelly, Matthew11111117
Duhamel, Stanislas111111118
FitzGerald, Aidan11114
Fitzpatrick, Kavan111115
Foley, Hugh112
Ford, Daniel11
Gamage, Tom112
Godfrey, connor112
Healey, Matt11
Hills, Spencer11114
Hitchcock, Tim11111111111112
Hobbs, Jack11
Holt, Toby1111111111111114
Hundel, Jakub11
Jones, Euan111115
Joyce, Christopher111111111110
Kilcoyne, Ian111115
Kille, Etienne1111116
Knights, Matt112
Krasniqi, Fabio11111117
Lacour, Matthew1111116
Marsh, Jack11
McDonagh, Liam111111111111113
McKeogh, Jonathan11
Miller, Alexander1111116
Muirhead, Max111115
Nash, Pat1111111111111
Niven, David111115
Nolan-Hutchinson, Callum1111111119
O'Sullivan, Danny11
Parkinson, Ben111115
Paull, Harvey11114
Pink, Ben111111111110
Poole, Evan11111117
Price, Leighton111111111110
Reed, George11
Rutolini, Roberto11
Rynsard, Will11
Slater, Harrison111111111110
Speed, Khrystopher11
Spencer, Ash112
Steadman, Josh1111111111111111117
Steadman, Lewis1111111111111111117
Taylor, Dominic11
Townshend, Luca111111111110
Traore, Abdou11
Wake, Nyall1111111111111114
Warren, Will11
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