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Club 151st Dinner 2022 Running Order
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Date: 22-04-2022 23:00:00
In this document: Alex Adide, Paul Clarke, Declan Cronin, Mike Henderson, Jez Inson, Jake Usher
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These are the presentation slides displayed during the dinner.

Slide #1

This shows the order of events for the evening plus some links to related information to keep the guests amused whilst they waited for dinner.

Slide #2

This shows the details playing history of the four players who received their 100 Appearances Ties.

The collection of playing records, accurate from 2009+, estimated prior to this, allows us to award a tie for everyone who has played 100 games, including at least one for Ealing 1871.

This task is very much work-in-progress. When I was chatting to Liam yesterday he pointed out that we haven’t yet included the Academy games. That is a valid point and we should try and fix this. If anyone wants to help with this then let me know.

Tonight’s awards span the period 2000 to 2022. This was period of great change. The Pros made their journey from Amateur rugby to Championship winners and, maybe just maybe, entry into the Premiership. During this journey the Pros separated from the Amateur club. Our teams were initially Cougars and Buffaloes, changing to Amateurs 1sts and 2nds, and finally Ealing 1871 1sts and 2nds. The Exiles and Evergreens names have never changed.

Jez Inson. 112 games in 12 seasons starting 2009/10. Includes odd one game in 2009/10 for Cougars. Then 10 Ams 2nds, 1 1871 2nds, 69 Exiles, 31 Evergreens.

Jake Usher. Also 112 games in 12 seasons. 17 Cougars, 1 Buffaloes, 21 Ams 1sts, 11 Ams 2nds, 1 1871 1sts, 4 1871 2nds, 5 Exiles and 31 Evergreens.

Declan Cronin. 200 games in 18 seasons. 32 1sts, 70 2nds, 3 Cougars, 30 Buffaloes, 1 Ams 1sts, 3 Ams 2nds, 13 Exiles, 47 Evergreens. Declan Cronin.

Alex Adide. 237 games in 12 seasons. 5 Buffaloes, 3 Ams 1sts, 41 Ams 2nds, 5 1871 2nds, 150 Exiles and 32 Evergreens.

Slide #3

The Guest of Honour for the evening was Mike Henderson. Mike was part of the tour party to Torquay which won the Argaumsoraus Buffalo Head which still is mounted on the wall in the main clubhouse. Mike also awarded the caps later in the evening.

Slide #4

The traditional ending to Club Dinners since this was introduced in 1960.

Paul Clarke

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