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Grassroots Rugby
Type: Document
Date: 01-01-1995 00:00:00
In this document: Michael Carroll, L B Grace, John Harrall, Dave Higgins, George Higgins, Rhidian Jones, Bill Mousley, Larry Redmond, Will Sinnott, Vittorio Spadavecchia, G J Williams
Copyright: © Willie Williams

This is a personal view on Grassroots Rugby. Here are ten chapters, plus a post-scribere, a 63 page delight in short.

This is "A book relating to the rugby scene that we all know, and which the vast majority of players still practice and enjoy - grass roots stuff ! Far removed from Championships and World Cup, here at the roots the aspirations of the average player are modest, extending no further than the pleasure he (or
she) derives from participation in this great game."

The book features Ealing stalwarts including "Jumbo" Harrall, "RHB" Jones, George the prop, Bill M, Riccardo, "Hamstring" Will, Alison (the physio?), US tour #7, Micky and Larry, and Laurie the Song.

Also some interesting laws from bygone times including "'the ball when new shall be oval in shape' (Law 2;)". Law 6 states: "There shall be a Referee for every match,"

Other interesting stories are hinted at including the crossbar crooks, piano removers, the great flood of '88, the great canal robbery of '95, the IRB decision to go professional in 1995, and the origin of the name "Shit Creek".


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