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U19 Tour Cumbria 1992
Date: 17-04-1992 00:00
Type: Tour
Section: Colts

Tour report by Jack Snell, published in Over The Bar 1992.

Date approximate based on Easter 1992.

Another great tour socially and playing wise. We were due to meet at 7 pm on the Thursday, departing at midnight. Chandra arrived for training, but soon changed his mind, deciding that a drink would be better for him. We had a meal about 9.30 pm, kindly cooked for us by Jan Furness, and then got stuck in to a few more pints. By the time the coach left we had hijacked Chandra and Phil Furness, who joined the tour.

After an eventful journey, the P bucket collecting £80, we arrived at Hensingham at 7 am. The Summer Grove wondered what hit them. We all had a good breakfast, claimed our rooms and changed, and found the local pub, where they unfortunately locked us in til 5 pm. Back for dinner and out for the night with our local guide. Oh, what a hard 30 hours!

Before our first game (Ed - what club?), on the Saturday, only five lads made it for breakfast, and it was murder getting them on to the coach for midday. Arriving at the ground with one hour to spare before the kick off, the lads disappeared into town for breakfast and a pint! It was a tight game which we narrowly lost 6-7. By way of celebration, Tony Kelly was thrown into the local river, where it was discovered that he was a non swimmer. He was 'saved' by our on the scene lifeguard Paul Spencer, but in any event, the water was only three feet deep!

Off to Workington on Sunday, where we won the game 16-7, after which we were introduced to the sport of egg dumping. Then for our last game against Aspatria, were a great game was lost 4-10. Many thanks to Dave Inwood for his help, and to Denis and Ian just for being there. Quote of the tour was Danny Frazer's 'This is my woman. Get your own cat'.

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