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Senelaager Tour 1967
Date: 01-04-1967 00:00
Type: Tour
Section: Adults

Little known yet about this tour. There is a note which says "A small tour party of barely 15 players travelled by car and ferry. A tour journal has been found and needs to be scanned and indexed."

Thanks for this and all the hard work the team is doing to preserve the club’s history.

Digging through some old boxes in my loft I discovered an old pewter flagon which I realised was the original Evergreens’ ‘loving cup’ from their first tour to Senelaager in Germany in the mid-sixties. I seem to remember that Willie Williams gave it to me for safekeeping back in the day.  It should properly reside with the club, how shall I get it to you?
Sid Webber

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