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U16 Tour Yorkshire 1988
Date: 02-04-1988 00:00
Type: Tour
Section: Colts

Tour report by Jack Snell, published in Over The Bar 1988.

This tour to Dave Phillip's homeland went very well, with accommodation being provided by the likley and Bradford College, Hall's of Residence.

The first game was on the Saturday against Bradford & Bingley - beforehand, to keep the lads occupied we went to the local cattle market. Leaving the boys to their own devices whilst we 'seniors' quenched our thirst in a different kind of 'local', we suddenly became aware of a degree of turmoil in the market area, with familiar green club jumpers flashing by the pub windows. Investigating, we discovered that our dear little chaps were indulging in a pitched battle, the weapons being goose eggs! Perhaps because of the loss of energy in the market we lost the match against older boys, 16-18.

The following day we played Roundhegians - a good game which we drew 12-12. This was followed on the Monday with a game against Halifax, which we narrowly lost 14-10.

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