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U17 Tour Exmouth 1989
Date: 24-03-1989 09:00
Type: Tour
Section: Colts

Tour report by Jack Snell, published in Over The Bar 1989.

Date approximate based on Easter 1989. Hotel location unknown.


The crisp no nonsense writing style of Jack Snell should not be messed about with by carping, critical editors; it comes over best in unexpurgated form, leaving the reader to arrive at his own interpretation of the author's tale.

Jack commences his story with a pithy summarisation: "Played 3 Lost 3 - would have been rude to have won".

The trip got off to the usual hiccups two and half hours late leaving (lost coach) window falling out of coach half way there and at last arriving in Exmouth at 4.45 with kick off at 5 pm and all well steamed. (?) We then got well beaten 38- 0.

Serious training next morning on the beach. Within 15 minutes all 18 of them were fighting in the sea, much to the amusement of the locals. The rest of the day and night was spent wining and dining.

Sunday worked out quite well; a good dinner time session (wining presumably) and off to Teignmouth for another 5pm kick off and only losing 16 - 0 this time. Off to Taunton on Monday for a 3 pm kick off which
suited us, narrowly losing 16 - 12 against the stronger of the three sides. After another good social few hours with James Coombes trying to commit suicide drinking double port and brandys with cider chasers, off home in our trusty Collins coach. Charging up the motorway (50 miles an hour), overtaking the Wanderers on their way home. We must be the only living people to have the distinction of seeing two Collins coaches moving at the same time ! Thanks to James Coombes, Ian and Dennis Smith.

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