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Wasps 0 - 56 Ealing Trailfinders 1871 2nds
Date: 20-01-2024 12:45
Type: Match
Section: Adults

RegulationsMMT Regulations
LocationSee "Related Records & Places"
CaptainHarry Vidler
CoachesClayton Pochop
PhysioMatt Knights
TransportMeet at Twyford Avenue
Match Day
11.15 Arrival Changing Room
12.45 KICK OFF
£5 fine into team kitty for late arrival. Message or phone team manager if running late.
Team RotaPre-match/post-match duties players: 10 - 12
Dress code pre-matchEaling logo grey polo
Dress code post-matchEaling logo grey polo

Team Selection

1 Dan O'Mahony
2 Leo Codrington-Lambert
3 Luke Beasley
4 Liam McDonagh
5 Connor Godfrey
6 Harry Reed
7 Callum Neal
8 Tom Anwell
9 Harrison Slater
10 Harry Vidler
11 Dan Nethercote
12 Danny O'Sullivan
13 Jacob Pepper
14 Kayci Bernard
15 Ben Pink


16 Tim Hitchcock
17 Laurence Troke
18 Darragh Sinnott
19 Albert Stoute

A slight delay cut short what would have been a full warm-up, but unhurried, the players got themselves into a decent rhythm and were ready to go.

The pressure went onto Wasps from the kick-off and for 20 minutes 1871 pretty much camped in the Wasps half. However, everything was tried at a panicked and over eager pace and Wasps were repeatedly served ‘get out of jail’ cards, which they gleefully took. Wasps were at panic stage themselves as they were unable to exit cleanly, thereby putting themselves under more pressure in the process. The 5 early penalties they gave away added to their woes and finally at 20 minutes in, they again failed to exit cleanly when they kicked ahead, which they then fumbled and Tom Anwell (8) cleanly collected and shrugged off a bit of the Wasps defence, before running in his first 1871 score. Harry Vidler (10) (C) did the honours for the extra points.

5 minutes later Leo Codrington-Lambert (2) carried over his score after some patient 1871 phases in the Wasps 22. Harry Vidler again obliged with the extras.

Another 5 minutes later, knowing he was about to be subbed, Tim Hitchcock (16) knew his chance was coming, so threw himself into some really hard phase carries, which were again pounding at Wasps try line. The patience showed here, from all of the 1871 players was far removed from the first 20 minutes of the game and looked cleaner and more composed. Tim sealed it with his force over and got up grinning knowing he then was good to be subbed. Once again Harry Vidler did the honours.
6 minutes later, at 36 minutes, Albert Stoute (19), a very late replacement, went over for the 1871 bonus point score. This was after 1871 won their lineout, played the ball out, then rewound the play and caught the Wasps players wrong footed. Once again Harry Vidler slotted the extras.
A good half time chat from the captain Harry Vidler, encouraging the 1871 players to enjoy the second half, to be patient and to go and get another 28 points.

Who knew…

The second half started as the first finished, with Albert Stoute going over for his brace after 7 minutes and which was my try of the day. Harry Vidler kicked ahead (a kick is only as good as it’s chase) and both Harry and Ben Pink (15) it up. Ben recovered the ball from a Wasps fumble, took it on then popped it on to Albert, who ran it in. High energy, accuracy and determination. Harry Vidler’s boot again took effect for the extra points.

6 minutes later, at 13 minutes, there was a big physical carry from Leo Codrington-Lambert, who was then joined by Albert Stoute in a pick and go and then who was joined by Lawrence Troke (17), who crashed over the line. Harry Vidler stepped up again and slotted the 2 points.

The next score took slightly longer, when at 23 minutes Wasps were handed a Yellow Card for a deliberate knock-on. 1871 kicked to the line and won the lineout, then took a driving maul over the line, for Liam McDonagh (4) to touch the ball over the line to score. Harry Vidler kept up the kicking consistency and took the 2 points.

The final try of the match was Leo Codrington-Lambert’s brace which came at 28 minutes and was a quick tap penalty and two heavyweight crash balls, with Leo’s being the second. To seal his 8 from 8, Harry Vidler slotted the extra 2 points.

Save for the first slightly effervescent 20 minutes, which to be fair forewarned Wasps that 1871 meant business, this was a very clinical game by 1871. The 2nd half dominance was impressive on both sides of the ball and was really well led by Harry Vidler.

1-20Tom AnwellTry5 - 0
1-21Harry VidlerConversion7- 0
1-25Leo Codrington-LambertTry12 - 0
1-26Harry VidlerConversion14 - 0
1-30Tim HitchcockTry19 - 0
1-31Harry VidlerConversion21 - 0
1-36Albert StouteTry26 - 0
1-37Harry VidlerConversion28 - 0
2-07Albert StouteTry33 - 0
2-08Harry VidlerConversion35 - 0
2-13Laurence TrokeTry40 - 0
2-14Harry VidlerConversion42 - 0
2-22WaspsYellow Card
2-24Liam McDonaghTry47 - 0
2-25Harry VidlerConversion49 - 0
2-27WaspsYellow Card
2-28Leo Codrington-LambertTry54 - 0
2-28Harry VidlerConversion56 - 0
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