Sole People Profile
London Cornish 26 - 12 Ealing Trailfinders 1871 2nds
Date: 01-02-2020 14:00
Type: Match
Section: Adults

LocationRichardson Evans Memorial Playing Fields
Pitch TypeGrass
CompetitionMiddlesex Merit Tables Division 1
CaptainKavan Fitzpatrick
Vice CaptainSam Lindsay
CoachesMark Percival
ManagerPaul Hoban 07534 910892
PhysioMatt Knights
TraelAll direct. If you need a lift ask other players or team manager
Team MeetingChanging room 12:30. £5 fine into team kitty for late arrival. Message or phone team manager if running late.
Team RotaPost-match duties Players 1-4
Dress code post-matchGrey Ealing Polo

If Friday or later cry-off then message or phone Ricky immediately 07956 442502

Team Selection

1 Ash Spencer
2 John-Paul Hoban
3 Fabio Krasniqi
4 Sam Lindsay
5 Matt Speight
6 Sunny Gujadhur
7 Josh Thomas
8 Patrick King
9 Ben Cousins
10 Roberto Rutolini
11 Phil Done
12 Dan Thomas
13 Arian Shehu
14 Luigi Wellington
15 Kavan Fitzpatrick


16 Matt Knights

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