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Ealing Evergreens 25 - 21 UCS Vets
Date: 08-10-2021 19:45
Type: Match
Section: Adults

During this match a very rare and extraordinary event took place.

During the second half Evergreens player John Fenlon collapsed without a pulse. Player Paul Jackson and alikados Eddie Beck, Brendan O'Flaherty were quickly on the scene and started to take turns applying CPR whilst Steve Weekes summoned the emergency services. But despite these urgent efforts John wasn't responding. Fortunately Evergreens’ player and doctor Justin Green and UCS Vets’ player Sid Young had very recently attended RFU first aid refresher courses and had received training on how to handle such a situation. Ealing had also invested in a publicly available defibrillator which was quickly brought to the scene. Using the defibrillator Justin and Sid managed to restore John's pulse and he was kept comfortable until the arrival of the emergency medical services.

The match itself had been high scoring and exciting and the lead changed hands several times so was declared an honourable 0 - 0 score hence the highly unusual result. Subsequently it was recorded as a 31 - 25 league victory for the Evergreens.

"Big John" has since been discharged from hospital and is making an excellent recovery.

This event attracted widespread attention including the RFU website and BBC Sounds Rugby Union Weekly programme. You can view these in the Related Records/Digital Assets area.

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