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U17 Tour Wales 1987
Date: 17-04-1987 09:00
Type: Tour
Section: Colts

Tour report by John Congerton, published in Over The Bar 1987.

Date approximate based on Easter 1987. Hotel location unknown.

Day 1

21 boys, John Congerton and Jack Snell in two mini buses left the Club at 7.45 a.m. full of hopes for a trouble free tour, but disaster struck at Maidenhead. Jack had a puncture - no wheelbrace ! A.A. to the rescue, but getting worried. Back on the road to Port Talbot, but my van gave up the ghost. A.A. again. Now really worried! Plodding onwards once more - to another breakdown. Jack's van shunted me into a layby, where we offloaded boys and baggage into the surviving mini van and miraculously arrived at Tenby at 5.20 p.m. A long haul! Not surprisingly after such a tortuous journey, our boys succumbed, not without a fight, to Tenby's superior back play, losing 40-0.

Day 2

Picked up repaired van from A.A. at Carmarthen and motored on to our next opponents at Haverfordwest. Despite a great effort by the lads, we went down 27-6. Made up for this in the local pub, where our singing raised the rafters and was enjoyed by the natives.

Day 3

Casual day - no games. Dropped boys in Tenby, and Jack and I went back to our hotel for a quiet drink. I was rudely awakened at 2.30 a.m. and dragged from my bed to face a Kangaroo Court. I was accused, and found guilty, of retiring early. The punishment meted out to me was forfeiture of one half of my moustache, and this was carried out.

Day 4

Made our way to Nantyglo for final match. The lads again put up a good show, never giving up, but bowed to the greater superiority of the home team, the final score being 37-6. The referee complimented our boys on their fighting spirit, saying that most sides would have given up when losing by 20 points.

Planned to set off for home at 5 p .m., but the tremendous reception given to us by Nantyglo prevented us leaving until 8 p.m., and it was not long before the boys were fast asleep - peace at last! A bloody good tour on the whole, and the boys were a credit to the Club.

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