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Club Officers and Honours 1871 - present
Date: 30-06-2023 00:00
Type: Records and Honours
Section: Adults, Colts, Minis, Youth

These records include Club Honours, plus Club Officers and Appointments.

This is very much an ongoing project to try and record as many officers and honorary roles as possible.

The sources of information are:

  • Club handwritten records
  • Newsletters
  • Minute Books
  • Season Handbooks

This table contains the first set of records and just includes the primary officers being President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Club Captain plus honorary roles Life Member, Vice President and Club Patron. When further officers and roles have been identified, primarily from the Season Handbooks, then these will be added as separate pages and will be linked to the season dates.

Search for individual records, scroll left/right for more, display more than 10 rows and sort columns (e.g. Season).

These honours tables will gradually be checked to ensure that they are accurate and complete.

SeasonClub PresidentChairmanHon SecretaryTreasurerClub Captain
2023-24R J CraigA HobbsG TaylorK Marden
2022-23R J CraigA HobbsG TaylorK MardenS Shingler
2021-22R J CraigA HobbsG TaylorK MardenR Smid
2020-21R J CraigA HobbsG TaylorK MardenR Smid
2019-20R J CraigA HobbsG TaylorK MardenR Smid
2018-19R J CraigA HobbsG TaylorI Grzyb (Acting)R Smid
2017-18R J CraigA HobbsG TaylorI Grzyb (Acting)M Bright
2016-17R J CraigG TaylorI Grzyb (Acting)M Bright
2015-16R J CraigG TaylorI Grzyb (Acting)D Kenny
2014-15R J CraigG TaylorI Grzyb (Acting)T Brown
2013-14R J CraigG TaylorS ThompsonM Evans/A Preocanin
2012-13R J CraigM StiffL O'GormanS ThompsonM Evans/B Ward
2011-12B J KellyM StiffL O'GormanS ThompsonM Evans
2010-11B J KellyM StiffL O'GormanS ThompsonB Ward
2009-10B J KellyM StiffL O'GormanL O'Gorman (Acting)J King
2008-09B J KellyD BugejaL O'GormanL O'Gorman (Acting)A Dalgliesh/M Lock
2007-08B J KellyD BugejaL O'GormanL O'Gorman (Acting)R Carr
2006-07B J KellyD BugejaL O'GormanN McAteerJ King
2005-06B J KellyD BugejaL O'GormanN McAteerK Power/J King
2004-05B J KellyD BugejaL O'GormanP StilliardC Stokes
2003-04B J KellyD BugejaL O'GormanP StilliardC Stokes
2002-03B J KellyD BugejaL MayerP StilliardC Stokes
2001-02B J KellyD BugejaP StilliardM Congerton
2000-01H J HutchisonD BugejaP StilliardM Congerton
1999-00H J HutchisonS CarterM CarrollP StilliardM Congerton
1998-99H J HutchisonM Congerton
1997-98G R ClempsonM Van Dartel
1996-97G R ClempsonM Greenwood
1995-96G R ClempsonM Bugeja
1994-95G R ClempsonG Shaw
1993-94G D GriffithsI Corbett
1992-93G D GriffithsJ Edmonds
1991-92G D GriffithsP Gyetvai
1990-91G D GriffithsP Bluett/J Edmonds
1989-90A P EganJ Critchfield
1988-89A P EganM Bugeja
1987-88A P EganS P Foot
1986-87T J ArnoldG R Johnson
1985-86T J ArnoldG R Johnson
1984-85T J ArnoldD R G Horne
1983-84G J WilliamsD R G Horne
1982-83G J WilliamsP Armstrong
1981-82G J WilliamsP Armstrong
1980-81G J WilliamsP Armstrong
1979-80G J WilliamsP Armstrong
1978-79J P D MallinsonS P Foot
1977-78J P D MallinsonJ LeckyS P Foot
1976-77J P D MallinsonJ LeckyS P Foot
1975-76J P D MallinsonJ F Martin
1974-75A P EganC S BevanR D KarranJ P D MallinsonT A L Jones
1973-74A P EganC S BevanD G PhillipsJ P D MallinsonT A L Jones
1972-73A P EganR S Bliss
1971-72R W SowerbyR Gammage
1970-71R W SowerbyJ G Bird
1969-70R W SowerbyG J WilliamsR W SowerbyJ G Bird
1968-69R W SowerbyJ G Bird
1967-68R W SowerbyD G Phillips
1966-67R W SowerbyM Williams
1965-66S J LarkinM Williams
1964-65S J LarkinM J G Henderson
1963-64S J LarkinG A Pym
1962-63S J LarkinM G Nolan
1961-62W D C HedgesM G Nolan
1960-61G NolanT A Connor
1959-60G NolanR I ScoinsJ W MayoT A Connor
1958-59G NolanT A Connor
1957-58G NolanJ P D Mallinson
1956-57G NolanJ P D Mallinson
1955-56G NolanT J R Hickman
1954-55A G WatsonT J R Hickman
1953-54A G WatsonW Tilton
1952-53A G WatsonW Tilton
1951-52A G WatsonW Tilton
1950-51A G WatsonH D B KirbyW D C HedgesF G Powell
1949-50A G WatsonF G Powell
1948-49A G WatsonJ P Bromley
1947-48A G WatsonJ P Bromley
1946-47A G WatsonJ Wilson
1945-46A G Watson
1944-45Second World War
1943-44Second World War
1942-43Second World War
1941-42Second World War
1940-41Second World War
1939-40Second World War
1938-39A G WatsonG F Morton
1937-38A G WatsonG F Morton
1936-37A G WatsonR B Deth
1935-36A G WatsonR B Deth
1934-35A G WatsonC P Douet
1933-34A G WatsonR B Deth
1932-33A G WatsonR B Deth
1931-32A G WatsonD T Louch
1930-31A G WatsonD T Louch
1929-30A G WatsonD T Louch
1928-29A G WatsonE G Essex
1927-28A G WatsonE G Essex
1926-27A G WatsonE G Essex
1925-26A G WatsonK H Lindsey
1924-25A G WatsonK H Lindsey
1923-24J H ChickK H Lindsey
1922-23A W GrahamR N Cook
1921-22A W GrahamH F Kellaway
1920-21J H ChickH F Kellaway
1919-20J H ChickF S Faber
1918-19Great War
1917-18Great War
1916-17Great War
1915-16Great War
1914-15Great War
1913-14L de RothschildF S Faber
1912-13L de RothschildA Winter-Rose
1911-12L de RothschildA Winter-Rose
1910-11L de RothschildA Winter-Rose
1909-10L de RothschildA Winter-Rose
1908-09L de RothschildA Winter-Rose
1907-08L de RothschildA Winter-Rose
1906-07L de RothschildC T Flower
1905-06L de RothschildC T Flower
1904-05L de RothschildC T Flower
1903-04L de RothschildW S Dawson
1902-03L de RothschildW S Dawson
1901-02L de RothschildW S Dawson
1900-01L de RothschildA T Weir
1899-00L de RothschildA T Weir
1898-99L de RothschildA T Weir
1897-98L de RothschildH H Perry
1896-97L de RothschildH H Perry
1895-96L de RothschildH H Perry
1894-95L de RothschildB M Barnes
1893-94L de RothschildK R Bruce
1892-93L de RothschildK R Bruce
1891-92L de RothschildK R Bruce
1890-91L de RothschildK R Bruce
1889-90L de RothschildK R Bruce
1888-89R G Rycroft
1887-88K R Bruce
1886-87H Stocker
1885-86H Stocker
1884-85C A Hutchings
1883-84J Oliver
1882-83A Weatherly
1881-82G H Folkard
1880-81G H Folkard
1879-80G H Folkard
1878-79G H Folkard
1877-78G H Folkard
1876-77G H Folkard
1875-76G H Folkard
1874-75G Pearce
1873-74G Pearce
1872-73A E Helmsley
1871-72A E Helmsley
SeasonChairmanHon SecretaryTreasurerClub Captain
2023-24R HitchcockR WilliamsC CraigL McDonagh
2022-23R WilliamsC CraigL McDonagh
2021-22S WeekesR WilliamsC CraigL McDonagh
2020-21S WeekesR WilliamsC CraigL McDonagh
2019-20S WeekesR WilliamsC CraigL McDonagh
Life MemberVice PresidentPatrons
C BenjaminP J ArmstrongM JacksonR Crane
D BugejaMs K BedfordR H B JonesM Gooley
M CarrollC R BenjaminA KilleenF Gooley
G ClempsonE BeckJ LeckyM Henderson
H HutchisonM BentleyS LeeM Jackson
R H B JonesJ G BirdMrs A LyndonR H B Jones
B KellyMs S BlakeR MagieC Miller
S J LarkinR S BlissJ F MartinS Penniston
J P D MallinsonM J BugejaMrs P MartinB Rees
P MonteithD BrathwaiteC MillerB Woelfel
L P O’GormanM CarrollW Miller
G J WilliamsS CarterP N Monteith
P ClarkeB Noble
K V ClempsonL P O’Gorman
J CongertonMrs M O’Gorman
M CongertonM O’Regan
C CooperG S E Penrose
R CordinerD G Phillips
B CousinsB Powell
R CraneR Price
R J CraigD Reed
J CritchfieldJ B Reed
M CudmoreJ C Richards
R W R CusdinN A Simpson
G DaviesP W Sinnott
C DeeM Smith
J EdmondsJ Snell
A EndacottV Spadavecchia
S P FootD A Steene
M GooleyC G Stanton
L B GraceM Stiff
M F GreenP Stillard
Mrs I GrzybW A Strang
M J HartleyW A Taylor
T J R HickmanW M Tilton
D HigginsD I Thomas
J M P HillR Ward
K HillD J S Webber
Mrs J HitchcockM Williams
A HobbsR Williams
D R G HorneD Wilson
T HumphreysM Woelfel
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