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Yorkshire Tour 1984
Date: 10-04-1977 00:00
Type: Tour
Section: Adults

Photo courtesy of Derek Reed.

When did the tour take place? Where was the accommodation? Who went? What matches were played? Is there a tour journal somewhere? Any more photos?

If you can help in any way leave some details in the Comments section.

This was an Easter tour to Yorkshire in 1984.

Probably the best day of all the 13 tours I went on.

We played Otley and drew (18 all I think but Lyndon May correct me!). We played on the main pitch (where the North of England had beaten the All Blacks several years before).

They then took us on a pub crawl around Otley, which had 19 pubs, but an old guy we met complained that they used to have 22!
Dave Horne
I remember Otley well the score was definitely a draw. The pitch was huge, I believe at the time it was the largest pitch in England. Again, I think we were fortunate that most of their 1st team were on tour, because they would have been better than us at the time. I remember that Nigel Melville's brother was playing for them, I don't think he was very good.

They were a very hospitable crowd, and I remember we were having a good time in their clubhouse, when we were told to hurry and drink up as they wanted to take us into town, I remember someone giving me a lift?? I don't know what happened to the bus?? As you said a very enjoyable evening and a very good day.

I believe that it was in one of those pubs that Paul Monteith met his future wife, don't quote me on that.
Lyndon Foote
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