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Ken Bonner RIP
Date: 01-04-1994 00:00
Type: Deceased
Section: Adults


From “Over the Bar 1994”.

Date deceased is approximate.


Ken Bonner took up rugby and joined Ealing when he was already past middle-age, resolutely refusing to accept any theories linked to anno domini. Convention had no part in his life, his philosophy being centred on the belief that life was for the living. A rather less than mobile prop forward, he played well down the Club and was a constant source of amazement and consternation to the opposition. It was his custom to take energy tablets when going onto the pitch, the efficacy of which was not apparent. What undoubtedly was achieved was massive effervescence, leading to Ken foaming at the mouth at the very first scrum. It was all a great worry.

After a few more years of playing activity, including touring Germany with the newly formed Evergreens in 1968, the Club declined to play Ken any longer on grounds of non-culpability. Undeterred, he joined Old Elizabethans, perhaps accepting that his proper place was with the Old Boys.

Ken was appointed Club Vice President in 1960.

Willie Williams & Gordon Griffiths

Ken Bonner, one of the original Evergreens (he toured Germany at age 57), renowned for his determination to play rugby for as long as any Club would select him. In pursuit of this aim, Ken turned up with his kit at various Clubs until finally being turned down at age 67, on the grounds that his inexperience at prop might endanger him.

Over The Bar 1988

Date deceased is certainly approximate as this is reported as being 1984 and 1988.

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