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John Congerton RIP
Date: 01-07-2012 00:00
Type: Deceased
Section: Adults


From “Middlesex Matters Autumn 2012”.

Date deceased is approximate.


“Put him down” was John Congerton’s familiar cry from the touchline. And on
American Independence Day, John was himself laid to rest after a long battle with cancer.

Although not a rugby player himself, John was a keen supporter at Ealing where both his boys played for the colts. A loyal helper and club stalwart, he eventually became a Vice President of the club.

As a member of the Middlesex U19s Committee, Congerton was responsible for collecting the kit after matches, and could proudly boast that on his watch, not a single sock went missing.

On tour, he was in charge of the food & drinks kitty and his sense of fair play saw him take it upon himself to look after players’ welfare long before the term had been invented.

The youngest of 14, John grew up in Acton and settled with his wife and family in Hayes. He overcame adversity seven years ago when he had a leg amputated, helped by his wicked sense of humour. When folk commiserated with him about losing his leg, he would retort “I know. I’ve looked for it everywhere!”

He will be remembered not just for his quick wit and humour, but for his magnificent singing voice and penchant for belting out Gilbert and Sullivan operettas.

His friend and Middlesex colleague Jim Russell remembers John as “a lovely man sorely missed, but his memory will always put a smile on my face.”

Willie Williams & Gordon Griffiths

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