Pete Cooper RIP
Date: 12-11-2018 00:00
Type: Deceased
Section: Adults


Pete was in the London Fire Service, he was involved with the Purley train crash and the King's Cross disaster. The disaster got to him so he took early retirement. He started a small but successful landscape gardening business in Gloucester where he lived.

While stood on a steel fire escape on Friday 9th November Pete slipped and fell backwards, he suffered multiple skull fractures and consequently massive brain damage. Recovery was out of the question and on Monday 12th November Pete's life support was turned off.

As well as being a rugby nut he also loved waistcoats, so dress of the day for the funeral is a silly waistcoat or rugby shirt!

The funeral is at 11:30 Friday 30th November at Woodland Chapel, Westerleigh, Bristol, BS37 8RF. A wake will be held at The Ranchers Steak House, 2 Kingshill Road, Kingsley, Dursley. GL11 4EJ. If anyone would like to attend they will be made very welcome.

Ian Cooper


Very sad to hear  about Pete Cooper. A rather complicated bloke but a true Ealing legend. Along with Lowen, we were close friends for a few years but slowly lost touch after he separated from his first wife Janice. She left him after finding out he was having an affair with his secretary. He went off the rails a bit after that  and that broody photo of him rather summed him up at times. In fact through him, in a round about fashion I met the current Mrs Precey. I’ll make sure I raise a glass for him next Friday.

Graham Precey

What a great shame. I remember Pete well. He was always bubbly & full of life.

Thanks for letting me know. I remember him in Lourdes !

Peter Green

I remember him. Very sad news indeed.

Paul Monteith

Very sorry to hear the news of Pete Coopers untimely death.

Played alongside him on the Lourdes Tour and in many games for Mike Hartley's 2nd XV team back in the day.

I remember him being a skillful and elusive runner, all angles and elbows, difficut to tackle and very determined - had a bit of 'mongrel' in him as Eddie Jones is wont to say. (That means he was a good player!)

Off the pitch he was a bit of a devil and was always up for a practical joke or two. All in all a good bloke and I'll raise a glass to his memory tonight.

Sid Webber

Thank you for the message - sad news.

I was on the Lourdes trip - but unfortunately did not take a camera - something to lose!!

Richard Bliss

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