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Jack Priske RIP
Date: 01-06-1984 00:00
Type: Deceased
Section: Adults


End of Season Newsletter 1964.

'Priskey' as he was known, died last June at the ripe old age of 86 at Exmouth in Devon. Joining the Club in 1922 he gave yeoman service to the Junior teams for many years, being Captain of the 'C' XV (5th) and Team Secretary - his team was never short. The 'C' playing In Ravenor Park, Greenford, teas at the Red Lion, was seldom seen in play. However in 1953, the Captain and Vice Captain who were both crocked went to see them which resulted in quite a few of the team being promoted forthwith, one even going into the 1st XV.

Younger members will recall Priskey taking the flag at Greenford and being injured whilst so doing at the age of 66 or so - the only time he had been in hospital since 1915 at Etaples in France when recovering from a wound received in action with the Middlesex Regiment. He also served in World War II in the Middle East with the Middlesex Yeomanry, Royal Corp of Signals.

Our sympathy goes out to his widow Phyliss, his daughter and his grand daughter.


Jack will have been known only to our older generation, who are able to recall with affections 'Old Priskey' who, on his last visit to watch an Ealing game, collected a broken leg whilst on the touchline.

Willie Williams

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