Stephane Maillefaud RIP
Date: 30-11-2022 00:00
Type: Deceased
Section: Adults, Youth


We have today 14th January 2022 received some sad news from Mark Rutherford.

"Gentlemen unfortunately I have just heard some very sad news. Stephane Maillefaud, our big French second row, has sadly passed away through cancer at the age of 57. Stephane played for the Evergreens for a number of years and his post match home baked bread, pate and wine from his family’s vineyard were legendary. He was a force of nature on the pitch and was a top man. I was lucky enough to coach Minis rugby with him for a number of years and he will be very much missed."

Also a post on Facebook HERE from Anciens et Amis du Collège Cévenol

We just learned the death this morning of Stéphane Maillefaud, former [pupil] 1986 to 1988 and originally from Valencia. We present to his wife Stéphanie, his two sons Pierre and Marius, his brother Francis DEVAL, president of our association of alumni of Collège Cévenol, to his nieces Valérie, Dorothée, Emmanuelle, Anne and Emilie as well as to all his family and his closest friends, our sincere condolences.

Ceremony on Tuesday, December 6 at 1:30 pm at the Funeral Center of Bourgoin Jallieux (38)-31 Lavoisier street.

Burial on the same day in Valencia at 3:30 p.m. at the cemetery St Lazare, Avenue of Romans. Grave of the Maillefaud family.


I was very shocked and saddened to hear of the recent passing of Stephane and my thoughts are with Stephanie, Pierre and Marius at this difficult time. I was lucky enough to spend many years coaching mini rugby with Stephane and to share a pitch with him for number of years in the Evergreens and Exiles teams. On the coaching side he was inspirational for the boys and girls that we coached, always supportive and encouraging whilst teaching the kids how rugby should be played. On the pitch he was a force of nature and regularly intimidated the opposition. I have many fond memories of playing matches with Stephane over the years. Off the pitch he was an absolute gentleman and a great host. His post match freshly baked bread and homemade pate is a very fond memory. An absolute legend of the club and a great man and he will be very much missed.
Mark Rutherford

I was shocked to hear of Stephane's death. I played alongside of him many times in the pack and never had to tell him to sink lower when he was my second rower. I did have to tell him not to be shy with the salt when making his baguettes. We had a nice little brotherhood of baking, him with his baguettes and pate and me with the sausage rolls. I always loved eating his food over mine...
Ash Spencer

Stefan played in the same position as I did and we put our arms round each other many times in anticipation of the next scrum. I am saddened to hear of his passing. Stefan brought an unprecedented level of culinary taste to Ealing Rugby Club. The changing room cheese and pate, coupled with port and fresh bread was a welcome addition to life at Vallis Way and I will be forever grateful to him easing us into retirement through refreshments post game. Some of us are still not totally finished, and as such I will remember him as I next step on to a field in an Ealing jersey and attempt to do him proud. Thoughts are with his family. Au revoir grand-homme.

Stephane was good man to have in the side. He always brought vigour and gallic resolve to the game and I was always pleased to see him pulling on his boots before a match. Steph brought the changing room to life after the game, not just because of his gateau and red wine. He galvanised the team's spirit and I fondly remember him leading the cheer after a tough match in the pouring rain a few years ago. A good man.
David Morgan

On 28th January 2012 there was a day which has gone down in Evergreen folklore as the finest finish to an afternoon’s rugby for many a year. It was a home game against regular opponents Fullerians. The Evergreens were victorious and so had something to celebrate. It was also Stephane’s birthday so that meant two celebrations were required.

The team had decided to celebrate all things French (and fined any player who did not bring something French) and everybody warmed up with a few cans of Kronenburg 1664 before Steph appears with what can only be explained as a French feast of homemade pate, baguettes, garlic sausage, pickles and cases of red and white wine. A full dressing room of Evergreens now in loud La Marseillaise sing-along-mood with pate baguettes and red wine as company could be heard in Wembley High Street having a good old fashioned rugby singsong Evergreens style. Not wanting to be rude to our Fullerians guests we returned to the club house sharing some jugs and offering out some drinking fines with the main perpetrators for down-in-one being Jamie Carling (subbing himself for being tired), Paul Clarke for assisting him, referee for simply being the referee and Fullerians Skipper for turning up without a full team. Steph being the birthday boy duly took his punishment of Guinness, Strongbow with a whiskey chaser which he won’t be in a hurry to repeat anytime soon.

Shenanigans continued late into the evening with a few heading to the Forester pub in Ealing along with our Exiles team for what turned into hazy hungover Sunday.
Paul Clarke

The rich history of our club has always been wonderfully enhanced by the mix of cultures, backgrounds and nationalities, and Stephane has certainly been a tremendous addition to that.

A warm and friendly gentleman off the pitch - slightly less so when on it, as a few referees would attest.

He will be much missed.

Our deepest sympathies to Stephanie, Pierre and Marius at this time.

Adieu, mon ami.
Paul Hoban

I had the great pleasure of playing rugby alongside Stephane on several occasions whilst playing for Ealing Evergreens. Stephane was just the man you wanted on your team, especially when the going got tough! Whilst he was capable of brutish physicality on the pitch, off the pitch Stéphane was kind and generous, the perfect gentleman. I remember being rather upset when he told us he was leaving London. I wish to offer my sincere condolences to Stephanie, Pierre and Marius. Your husband and father was loved at Ealing RFU. He will be greatly missed.
Rahim Virani

So, so sad to hear of Stephane’s passing. He was a real gent and a massive presence both on and off the pitch. He brought smiles to many and left us with very fond memories. RIEP big man.?? 

Pour l’homage, j’ ai essayé écrire en français. Jouant le rugby avec Stefan était comme jouer avec Obelix! Sur le champ, il était un homme formidable et très fort, mais, apres le jeu, Stefan était un homme gentil, aimable et généreux. On n’oublierai jamais la nourriture qu’il a pourvu après chaque jeu. Il m’a manqué quand il est retourné en France et il me manquera encore plus maintenant. Au revoir Stefan et bon voyage. 
John Ronane
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