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1871 Rugby with the Masaai Red tribe
Date: 05-06-2019 00:00
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Section: Adults

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We continue to deliver on our aim of supporting inclusive rugby at every level - this time with Sean ‘Lion’ Munemo, one of our Ealing Trailfinders 1871 players who is currently in Africa on a church support trip.

Sean is teaching the locals to play rugby and our Men’s Section has donated rugby balls to help with the project.

Sean reports as follows:

We arrived in the remote village of the Masaai Red Tribe Community just over a week ago on the 5th June.

We were so blessed by Ealing Trailfinders who understood the vision l had to coach and introduce the game of rugby to the Masaai community - their donation of rugby balls have been very gratefully received by the people who are eager to learn our game.

As we began our first training session, I was quite nervous about how it would all turn out. Especially when some of the kids in the Masaai Academy called the rugby ball an “egg”. It was the first time in their lives that they had seen a rugby ball.

My vision for this academy was to introduce them to 7s rugby.  So, on day one we started off with simple passing drills - it wasn’t easy for the boys but they adjusted quickly and began to enjoy the game immediately. Soon they began playing touch rugby. It was fantastic and we completed the day with the boys understanding that we pass the ball backwards and we run forward.

On day 2, we continued with more passing and attacking drills, began to introduce the offside line and knock ons. We had a solid 2-hour session of training. The boys and especially the Head Master loved the game. He noted how “this game will teach the Maasai boys to think more and to be more disciplined’. Valuable words for us all.

We rounded off our last day in Kenya with a game of touch 7s. The boys surprised me - and their skills exceeded my expectations beyond comprehension! They played the game like pros, they loved the game of rugby and they were thankful to Ealing Trailfinders for donating those balls to help it all happen. We are now thinking of continuing supporting the new Masaai Rugby Academy.

We finished by awarding and recognizing all the children that participated. They were delighted and we hope and expect rugby to become part of their sporting lives. This is a great example of how Ealing Trailfinders can facilitate and support rugby wherever there are people to encourage to participate in the game we all enjoy so much.”

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