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Antwerp Tour 2019
Date: 10-05-2019 10:00
Type: Tour
Section: Adults

Diamond Geezers Tour

Fellow Ealing Rugby rugby players old and new clear your throats as we are going Flemish this year. 

The historical medieval city of Antwerp, just a lineout’s throw from the Dutch border, will host the touring folk of Ealing for 4 days / 3 nights in mid-May (Friday 10th to Monday 13th) for those with diaries). 

Think how you will feel sipping a River Scheldt port-side hop-based beverage, looking at the world’s oldest stock exchange building (1531, even Clarkey wasn’t playing for Ealing then - or was he?) and considering what this metropolis must have been like during the 1920 Summer Olympics (when our esteemed Chairman narrowly missed out on a Bronze in the sack race I believe). Famed for its central role in the diamond trade the tour will be taking a carbon-based approach to the trip, both in terms of branding and food/beverages.

We’ll be showing our natural attacking flare, not only in the many bars and clubs of the town, but also with a match against the appropriately named Antwerp RC, who ply their trade at the challenging to pronounce, even when sober, Wilrijksepleinen ground. With both adult and youth teams they should provide us with appropriately matched opposition on the Saturday; both on and off the pitch.

The cost is £400.00 discounted for paid up members to £350.00 which can be paid in instalments that will include travel, accommodation, vittles and insurance as on previous tours.

In addition, your tour organising committee of BOF, Grand Fromage Clarke, Worthers, Dr Doom, Weeksey, Affie, Jez, Ash and Matt Speight we will be undertaking a series of events over the season to ensure a healthy kitty is available to spend on various forms of carbohydrate whilst on tour.

So dust off the old kit bag, put a visa request in with your other half (triplicate copy required please to avoid rejection) and prepare yourself to be entertained in Belgium’s answer to Las Vegas on the “Ealing Diamond Geezers Tour: Antwerp 2019”.

To reserve your place just drop an email to with YOURNAME + YES I’M A DIAMOND GEEZER.

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