Respice Prospice enables club members to perform WWWW (Who, What, Where, When) browsing of our People, Events and Places records by capturing and indexing our rich library of documents, images, videos and stories. The Where aspect is recorded in the growing list of Places that are associated with Events, And Digital Assets as well as a number of Maps.

This page provides a guide to the Maps on Respice Prospice. These maps are currently prototype. Eventually we plan to record every location within Respice Prospice on dynamic maps like this.

Ealing Rugby Club on Tour

We have remnants of tour narratives going back to 1955 and expect to find more as these were often described in end-of-season newsletters. Some reports are comprehensive, some patchy and others non-existent. The underlying rule of "what goes on tour stays on tour" is prevalent. But as more people explore these a few "I was there" reports will trickle in. Use the Comment facility or use email to submit any stories or artefacts.

Wears That Hat

It appears that Ealing folk have taken a shine to our multi-coloured bobble hat so Bernadette in the shop has launched an initiative to capture photos of the hat in all sorts of places the world over. Distance it seems is no obstacle. Follow "Wears That Hat" and its map HERE.