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Message from Spain
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Date: 05-05-2007 00:00:00
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I must have clicked on to the Ealing website 50 times to get the result of the play-off and at last there it was. For what it’s worth congratulations! It will make it easier for me on a Saturday in the future, the results will be on teletext.

Times have changed and of course the people. I failed to recognise any of the players in the 1st XV, but to see Willy Williams, John Mallinson, Jake Edmunds, Micky Leonard, Barry Cousins or Les O’Gorman representing Ealing would be a bit much to expect at their age!

In fact looking at the Ealing website, and at the Jades, it reminded me of the first time Ealing played against a ladies team. It was on a Sunday afternoon at Horsenden Hill and some St. Augustine’s girls, plus girl friends decided to take Ealing on.

I do not remember the result, but the referee was Stewart Laird. He decided at the start of the second half, enough was enough, gave me his whistle and took up his normal position as hooker in the front row.

He said afterwards that the impulse to get his arms round two lady props was too much! Memories!

Is Laura Sweetman a relation of John Sweetman?…..yes memories do come back, but that is all they are. Times have changed.

Would it be possible to find a little slot on the website for say a monthly update on some of the older members? The names Warwick Tilton, John Hickman, Martin Nolan will mean nothing to current members, but as I am now in my 70’s and living in Spain, it would provide an update for without the past National League 3 South would not have been possible to the present impressive set up of the club.

I always did have a lot to say, so I had better finish as I started - well done the players. Well done the support and well done the people behind the scenes.

Regards to one and all,

David Inwood

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