Season Awards 2010-11
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Date: 01-05-2011 18:00:00
Copyright: © Ealing Football Club (RU)

Captain's CapNot Awarded
1sts CapDinos Alexopoulos, Lewis Brown, Karl Gibson, Joe Price
1sts DatesOwen Bruynseels, Ryan Gregory, Peter Hodgkinson, Steve Neville, Ben Ward
2nds CapNot Awarded
2nds DatesSimon Bundy
3rds/Club CapDeclan Cronin
3rds/Club DatesNot Awarded
Jades CapYvette Burton, Lindsay Irving
Referees CapMarek Costa
Player of the YearPeter Hodgkinson
Men's Player of the YearAndy Jack
Players' 1sts Player of the YearPhil Chesters
Players' 2nds Player of the YearSimon Bundy
Players' Cougars Player of the YearOwen Price
Players' Exiles Player of the YearDave MacSweeney
Players' Evergreens Player of the YearBrendan O'Flaherty
Most Improved Player of the YearAnders Nilsson
Supporters' Player of the YearPhil Chesters
Achievement AwardJohn Kane
Club Vice PresidentDave Thomas
Life MemberNot Awarded
Martin Armstrong AwardRussell Price
Sportsmanship CupStefan Glancey
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