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Newsletter Over The Bar Summer 1984
Type: Document
Date: 01-08-1984 00:00:00
In this document: Peter Armstrong, Tim Arnold, Clive Benjamin, J G Bird, Richard Bliss, Mike Brown, K R Bruce, George Clempson, John Congerton, T A Connor, John Critchfield, Ray Cusdin, Robin Davies, Bill Deam, Mary Deam, Jake Edmonds, John Fletcher, Steve Francis, L B Grace, Nigel Graves, Michael Green, Gordon Griffiths, Roger Hard, Mike Hartley, T J R Hickman, Dave Horne, Terry Humphreys, Dave Jones, S J Larkin, Jim Lee, J P D Mallinson, Charles Miller, Bill Moody, Paul Morgan, G Morton, Martin Nolan, D G Phillips, Dave Propert Lewis, Dave Rayner, Derek Reed, John Reed, John Richards, R G Rycroft, Will Sinnott, Bill Strang, Jack Szajdzicki, Bill Taylor, Warwick Tilton, DJS Webber, Ruth Webber, Jack Wilcock, G J Williams, Dennis Wilson, Dave Young
Copyright: © Ealing Football Club (RU)

The text names Dave Raymor but I suspect that this is Dave Rayner. There is mention of the £12,000 drainage scheme for the centre pitch. Also a story from Michael Green explaining how he "joined the wrong club".

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