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Ealing Trailfinders 1871 1sts 53 - 0 Barnet Elizabethans
Date: 08-10-2022 15:00
Type: Match
Section: Adults

CompetitionCounties 2 H&M
RegulationsRFU Regulation 7 Adult Competitions
LocationTwyford Avenue
CaptainLewis Steadman
Vice CaptainNyall Wake
CoachesMark Percival, Eddie Beck, David Brathwaite
Team ManagerRicky Spadavecchia 07956 442502
PhysioMatt Knights, Erik Gee
Touch JudgeRod Heffernan
RefereeJesse Lipetz-Robic
Press AttachéDavid Brathwaite
Veo CameraPaul Clarke
TransportMeet at Twyford Avenue
Team MeetingChanging room 13:30. £5 fine into team kitty for late arrival. Message or phone team manager if running late.
Team RotaPost-match duties players: 13 - 15
Dress code post-matchEaling logo grey polo

Team Selection

1 Dan O'Mahony
2 Luke Parry
3 Pat Nash
4 Nyall Wake
5 Matt Donnelly
6 Kavan Fitzpatrick
7 Toby Holt
8 David Niven
9 Kyle Beck
10 Harry Vidler
11 Ben Pink
12 Josh Steadman
13 Rasaan Samms
14 Louis Aitcheson-Walker
15 Lewis Steadman


16 Gereint Price
17 Charlie Nolan
18 Harrison Slater

Very strong from the off, forcing Barnet into a pressure situation almost immediately and earning an early scrum. Scrum dominance was clear from the first to the last, putting Barnet under even more pressure. I am not a forward, never have been aside from doing a short stint at 7’s and a couple of back row offerings, but I must say the scrummaging was a thing of beauty. Well done to the whole pack, particularly Pat Nash, Luke Parry and Dan O’Mahony.
The first try came after a lineout and a series of quick phase plays and after scattering the Barnet defence Ealing re-wound the play at a breakdown and Kavan Fitzpatrick carrying hard before popping the ball for Matt Donnelly to go clear.

The second try was similar in that there was a re-wind in the play, after phases, creating an overlap, putting the ball down the line and Toby Holt going over in space.

The next two tries were also very similar to each other, as both came from quick tap penalties, catching Barnet un-prepared and on the back foot, then drawing them into a race they could not win. The first of these was re-wound and through the hands to Ben Pink, who sensibly stepped inside his opposite player to go over and in the second, Ben Pink also got the ball on the move, cutting inside a couple of players to again go over. The second of these tries was converted by Harry Vidler.

Louis Aitcheson-Walker got in on the try scoring action, by bagging the next two tries before the half and through holding his line, thereby helping to stretch the Barnet defence more than they were comfortable with.

The first of these came after Ealing recovered a Barnet kick ahead, carried hard and putting the ball through the hands out to the wide channels, where Louis took the ball and cut inside his man. Try converted by Harry Vidler.

The second of Louis’ tries came after a lineout win, with phase after phase and a hard carry by Rasaan Samms, then a deft offload by him, after he had drawn in more defenders to stop him, creating extra space. When Louis got the ball, he was able to step out to score.

Two excellent defence wins, with turnovers by Josh Steadman and the other by Dan O’Mahony. Josh’s brought the second try for Ben Pink, whereas Dan O’Mahony’s was a try saver, as it occurred about a metre short of the Ealing try line.

The second half brought a lot of the same pressure on to Barnet and there were some tremendous defence sets to shut Barnet out of the game. However, Ealing appeared slightly lacklustre and off kilter for the first 10 minutes of the half, not something that can be repeated, particularly as the Ealing defence is defining who they are.

That said, the first try, came care of Louis Aitcheson-Walker again, after Ealing lost a lineout, but recovered the ball, went down the blind side to Louis, who held his 5 metre channel, kept his strength and went around his opposite number. This was converted by Harrison Slater.
The next try was a direct result of the very strong scrum, as the Ealing pack held and then pushed Barnet backwards for Gereint Price to pick up and 8 and crash his way over a couple of Barnet players. Harrison Slater did the honours again.

The last try was also as a direct result of the powerful scrummaging, with the pack once again causing damage to the Barnet forwards and for Gereint to once again pick up at 8, run blind, put the ball through a couple of pairs of hands with the classic draw and pass, setting up Louis again to take the ball wide and run around his opposite number.

A few work ons for next week, but the players have earned their celebration tonight.
David Brathwaite

06Matt DonnellyTry5 - 0
16Toby HoltTry10 - 0
23BarnetYellow Card
25Ben PinkTry15 - 0
27Ben PinkTry20 - 0
31Louis Aitcheson-WalkerTry25 - 0
32Harry VidlerConversion27 - 0
40Louis Aitcheson-WalkerTry32 - 0
40Harry VidlerConversion34 - 0
53Louis Aitcheson-WalkerTry39 - 0
54Harrison SlaterComversion41 - 0
61Gereint PriceTry46 - 0
62Harrison SlaterTry48 - 0
74Louis Aitcheson-WalkerTry53 - 0

Matt Donnelly - Shoulder
Luke Parry - Eye
Louis Aitcheson-Walker
Nyall Wake

Penalty count
1871 1st XV - 8 (5 minutes, 33, 42, 44, 56, 56, 71, 78)
Barnet - 13

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