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Date: 03-02-2023 19:45
Type: Other
Section: Adults, Colts

6th October 2022

An unexpected phone call

Men's Chairman Paul Clarke received an unexpected phone call from a casting agent seeking "a passionate rugby coach who coaches players between 17-23". The answer was obviously "of course we have someone for you" and further details HERE were emailed soon after.

7th October 2022

Demo Video Produced

The casting director makes it clear that he is in discussion with several rugby clubs (or was he?) so we have to move fast. But do we actually have a coach who not only fits the role but also have the barefaced chutzpah to carry this off? Of course we do and after a short phone call Kavan is selected for the starring role. With 24 hours Kavan also produced a demo video demonstrating his many talents and this is sent to the casting director. Unfortunately Kavan no longer has a copy of this casting video so this has been lost.

19th October 2022

Ealing 1871 to make Dove Commercial

The casting agent just "loves" Kavan's demonstration video and Ealing Trailfinders 1871 are advised that they have been select for the Dove advert gig.
Dove has already produced one advert feature Ben Youngs.

21st October 2022

Find 12 players of all shapes and sizes

The casting agent is now superseded by the production company and more details follow.

First urgent task is to recruit a dozen U23 players "of all shapes and sizes". The following email was sent to all U23 1871 and Colts squad players.
Dove soap are filming a commercial using Ealing Trailfinders 1871 players. Requirement is for players 17 - 23 (or look 23). All shapes preferred. Filming takes place at Wasps ground Twyford Avenue Thursday 27th October. Details unclear but possibly 08:00 start. The filming involves a touch-rugby-style training session led by Kavan Fitzpatrick. Fee £110. If you can GUARANTEE to be available for this then let me know ASAP.

24th October 2022

A Baker's Dozen of Stars are Born

After much running around, endless paperwork, photos of all candidates and much, much more we have found our stars. Kavan has, of course, the leading role. He is now ably supported by:

Kayci Barnard
Henry Caldwell
Charlie Forgacz-Cooper
Jarrell Gerrald
Freddie Gurung
Emmanuel Lecat
Archie Long
Ollie Overy-Jones
Ben Pink
Gereint Price
Jamie Shaw
Flynn Ward

27th October 2022

Filming at Twyford Avenue

Our stars are instructed to get to Twyford Avenue at 08:00 for a half-day of filming. They all turn up. The supporting film crew is MASSIVE and includes:

Dove the customer for the video
Ogilvy the agency
Caviar the production company
Catering, security, Honeywagon(?), Stunt coordinator, medic, stylists, riggers, sparks, gaffer, focus puller, runners,
In short some 50 support staff are also on site.
In addition Kavan does two further days filming, most notably the shower scenes.

22nd January 2023

Payments Arrive

After the excitement of filming things go very quiet. Then, finally, payments appear. Note that all support actors received £220 payment and donated half of this to the Club which was a major contribution to the purchase of the Vero Sports Camera system for the 2022/23 season.

22nd April 2023

Dove Advert featuring Ealing 1871 spotted

Reports start to arrive about a new Dove advert that features some familiar faces. The advert is published on Sky TV.

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