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Barnet Elizabethans 12 - 62 Ealing Trailfinders 1871 1sts
Date: 30-09-2023 15:00
Type: Match
Section: Adults

CompetitionCounties 2 H&M
RegulationsRFU Regulation 6 Adult Competitions
LocationSee "Related Records & Places"
CaptainLewis Steadman
Vice CaptainMatt Donnelly
CoachesDavid Brathwaite
PhysioErik Gee
Press AttachéDavid Brathwaite
Touch JudgeColonel
Veo CameraRodger Hitchcock
HospitalityRodger Hitchcock
TransportMeet at opposition ground
Match Day
13.30 Arrival Changing Room
13.45 Kickers & Throwers
14.00 Team Meeting in changing room
14.20 All Players On Pitch, Primers, Units, Fortress
14.50 Hits on Shields
14.52 Back Into The Changing Room
£5 fine into team kitty for late arrival. Message or phone team manager if running late.
Dress code pre-matchEaling logo grey polo
Dress code post-matchEaling logo shirt and tie

Team Selection

1 Laurence Troke
2 Tim Hitchcock
3 Dan O'Mahony
4 Nyall Wake
5 Reggie Elliot-Jones
6 Matt Donnelly
7 Toby Holt
8 Alex Walker
9 Harrison Slater
10 Harry Vidler
11 Louis Aitcheson-Walker
12 Lewis Steadman
13 Rasaan Samms
14 Jack Hobbs
15 Josh Steadman


16 Devis Accellam
17 Daniel Dixon
18 Adrian Coa

We have had mixed results at Byng Road, over the years, as the pitch, the weather and the attitudes of the players have repeatedly produced challenges. However, playing there this early in the season, the sun was shining and the weather was good, but the hill was still there to test.

1871 were running downhill to start, which proved very costly for Barnet, with the 1871 four try bonus point coming within 20 minutes.

Although the warm-up was good, it was not as vociferous as usual showing some very clear focus across the whole playing squad and the strong advisory words from the Captain, Lewis Steadman (12), of not taking this place, or the team for granted.

1871 started very, very strongly as after a failed, kick for touch exit by Barnet, the ball was caught infield by Jack Hobbs (14), around the 1871 10 metre line, who then scanned for an opportunity, saw one then stepped, stepped again and accelerated through the Barnet players to score after only 1 minute 30 seconds.

4½ minutes later, 1871 provided a very solid scrum platform, which is becoming a trait and where Alex Walker (8) picked the ball up from the base passed to Harrison Slater (9), who then cleared the ball down the field. ‘A kick is only as good as its chase’, as the saying goes so Josh Steadman (15) warmed his legs up and chased. The Barnet full-back dropped the ball forward and without breaking stride, Josh was on hand to recover the ball and continue accelerating under the posts to score. Harry Vidler (10) slotted the extras.

The next score came in at 11½ minutes, from a well executed 50-22 kick by Harrison Slater, the subsequent lineout win, the ball moving down the line for Rasaan Samms (13) to hit a hard line and going over the gain line, then the ball being recycled quickly down the line and Louis Aitcheson-Walker (11) going over in the corner. A class score, simple but very effective. No extras on this occasion.

The bonus point score came at 20 minutes and once again Josh Steadman did the honours. The scrum platform, simple hands, a tip pass and Josh again accelerating away, then cutting inside, wrong footing defenders along the way. Harry Vidler again put his seal on the score.
1871 were executing well across the field and using the momentum of the play and the slope to good advantage, also constantly pinning Barnet back in their own half and choking any attempts they made to gain ground.

At 24 minutes, after a lineout win, some quick phases and a pick and go, Reggie Elliott-Jones (5) crashed over to score. Harry Vidler again provided the extra 2 points.
The next score was another CQB (Close Quarter Battle) affair, which also came from a lineout win, a decent maul and some up-close recycling of the ball, before Tim Hitchcock (2) crashed over. He fell short, but despite Barnet players all around him, was able to reach over and put the ball down over the line. The referee saw it in time, before more players landed in that space and the try was awarded. Harry Vidler once again provided the extras.

Half-time score:
Ealing 1871 - 38
Barnet - 0

Despite this healthy scoreline, there were some glaring opportunities for 1871 which went begging and which was a slight disappointment, particularly as the lead ups were executed well. This was spoken about as was a reminder about complacency with these scorelines.

The second half started in Barnet’s favour, as they were now playing downhill and were able to apply pressure immediately from the kick-off. They missed out on a heavyweight score, but forced 1871 into a goaline drop-out. Barnet recovered the ball and carried hard and hard again, going over the gain line on each occasion and forcing 1871 backwards, before a pick-up of the ball and crashing over a scrambling 1871 defensive line, at 3 minutes. A very good counter punch by Barnet and a stark reminder for 1871 about complacency.

Barnet had their tails up and tried to rally themselves in their plays and they made more and more inroads into the 1871 half, using the momentum of the slope to their advantage. However, at 13 minutes Josh Steadman had other ideas and recovered a ball deep in the 1871 half and stepped around through and past numerous Barnet players. The ball then went quickly through hands, before Matt Donnelly (6) cut through a line, got his hands free and deftly popped the ball to Reggie Elliott-Jones, who went in under the posts. A lovely piece of play, with a sublime offload. Harry Vidler once again took the extra two points.

At 19 minutes Barnet were pinned in their half by 1871 and they made an attempt to pass the ball out, to hopefully be in a position to relieve some pressure, however, this ball was well intercepted by Louis Aitcheson-Walker, who then had a free run in to score. Harrison Slater lotted the extras.
Two minutes later, 1871 again score, care of debutant Adrian Coa (18), who had already threatened Barnet with his strong runs and physicality. Adrian was on hand after another good carry by Josh Steadman, with the ball being offloaded and passed down the line, then bobbling along the ground before Adrian picked it up and went around a Barnet player to score in the corner. Big cheers were given for that one. No extras gain for this score.

At this point the game took a strange turn.

The score was 57 - 5 and the referee stopped the clock and spoke to both captains. It appears that the referee offered the game to be stopped, as there was a 50-point margin between the sides. It is unclear exactly what was said to the captains, as neither coaches were consulted, nor invited to go onto the pitch to make any representations, however, it appeared that the referee said that if the players decided to continue, the score would remain the same irrespective of whether more tries were scored. It was mere speculation on the touchline of what had been discussed and as the play continued, it seemed there had been agreement from both sides to do so. The change came when feedback from players came to the touchline, with what the referee had apparently said. Needing clarification from Barnet that this is what the coaching team wanted, it was discussed and at a stop in play, an attempt was made to speak to the referee to ask if this was correct and what ruling was being used. Initially the referee refused to speak to the coaches, stating he would only speak to the captains. He then relented and stated he did not know if the scores would stay the same. There was real confusion at this, as a yellow card had just been awarded to Tim.

Hitchcock for a high tackle (at 30 minutes) and there would have been an unnecessary risk for unnecessary injuries to players, if the game could have been stopped due to future scores not becoming relevant. The referee did say that as the decision had been made, by the captains, the game could not now be called. Frustration and confusion reigned on the sidelines between the coaches, players and supporters.

At the end of the game, the Barnet coach stated that he spoke to the referee, who left swiftly afterwards and the referee advised that he would be reporting his scoreline as 57-5. This was not the final scoreline and the Barnet coach stated he would be entering his scorecard as 62-12.
Despite this turn of events, the game as was, continued and once again Josh Steadman scored after a lineout win by 1871 at about 34 minutes. The ball went through simple hands, down the line and Josh cut a hard, fast line through the Barnet defence to score. Conversion missed.

At 35 minutes Barnet also earned themselves a yellow card after a high tackle.

Barnet, however, had the last hurrah at 40 minutes, with both teams playing with 14 payers, as they scored and once again used their heavyweights and the slope to good effect. The conversion was missed.

01Jack HobbsTry0 - 5
06Josh SteadmanTry0 - 10
07Harry VidlerConversion0 - 12
11Louis Aitcheson-WalkerTry0 - 17
20Josh SteadmanTry0 - 22
21Harry VidlerConversion0 - 24
24Reggie-Elliot-JonesTry0 - 29
35Harry VidlerConversion0 - 31
36Tim HitchcockTry0 - 36
37Harry VidlerConversion0 - 38
43BarnetTry5 - 38
53Reggie Elliot-JonesTry5 - 43
54Harry VidlerConversion5 - 45
59Louis Aitcheson-WalkerTry5 - 50
60Harrison SlaterConversion5 - 52
61Adrian CoaTry5 - 57
70Tim HitchcockYellow Card
75BarnetYellow Card
77Josh SteadmanTry5 - 62
80BarnetTry10 - 62
81BarnetConversion12 - 62
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