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Ealing Trailfinders 1871 1sts 67 - 6 Harrow
Date: 21-10-2023 15:00
Type: Match
Section: Adults

CompetitionCounties 2 H&M
RegulationsRFU Regulation 6 Adult Competitions
LocationTwyford Avenue. See "Related Records & Places"
CaptainLewis Steadman
Vice CaptainLiam McDonagh
CoachesEddie Beck, David Brathwaite
Team ManagerDavid Brathwaite
PhysioMatt Knights
RefereePaul Richards 07799 663777
Touch JudgeLaurence Troke
Press AttachéDavid Brathwaite
Veo CameraPaul Clarke
HospitalityRodger Hitchcock
TransportMeet at opposition ground
Match Day
13.30 Arrival Changing Room
14.00 Team Meeting in changing room
14.20 All Players On Pitch, Primers, Units, Fortress
14.52 Back Into The Changing Room
£5 fine into team kitty for late arrival. Message or phone team manager if running late.
Pre-match/Post-match dutiesPlayers: 1,2,3
Dress code pre-matchEaling logo grey polo
Dress code post-matchEaling logo grey polo

Team Selection

1 Dan O'Mahony
2 Liam McDonagh
3 Tim Hitchcock
4 Devis Acellam
5 Reggie Elliott-Jones
6 Matt Donnelly
7 Nyall Wake
8 Alex Walker
9 Kyle Beck
10 Harry Vidler
11 Harrison Slater
12 Ben Parkinson
13 Lewis Steadman
14 Adrian Coa
15 Josh Steadman


16 Gereint Price
17 Will Day
18 Matt Knights

From a slightly lower key warm-up to a clinical finish, completely shutting out the opposition.

The weather seemed like it was going to threaten from early on, even though it started bright and dry early on, but no matter what nature threatened, business was to be done and it was stressed not to take anything for granted, irrespective of who the opposition were.

1st half

The game started slowly by 1871 standards, with maximum possession, but almost nothing to show for it, due to poor handling and lack of solid structure. Applause must go to Harrow for part of this, as they spoilt a lot of 1871 mistakes and gave a test to the 1871 defensive structure. This held out throughout the game, however, where thankfully 1871 heads were clear.

At 14 minutes Tim Hitchcock (3) broke the duck after a quick tap 1871 penalty and quick phase after quick phase was played before Tim crashed over the line from close range. Harry Vidler (10) provided the extra points.

After another lull from 1871 not firing properly, at 21 minutes Harry Vidler converted penalty points from a Harrow penalty, but six minutes later 1871 themselves infringed and Harrow gladly put themselves on the scoreboard by taking the 3 points.

At 29 minutes, Tim Hitchcock settled the nerves after lineout win and a well-set driving maul, to once again go over and score. The extra 2 were also claimed by Harry Vidler.

Trying to stay in the fight, at 32 minutes, Harrow once again converted a penalty kick from an 1871 infringement, but to ensure the scores kept the board ticking, Harry Vidler paid back 3 minutes later and converted the points from a Harrow infringement.

At 40 minutes, after stretching the Harrow defence from one side of the pitch to the other, a well-placed crossfield kick ahead bounced and fooled the Harrow defender, but a racing Adrian Coa (14) was on hand to grab to ball before it went into touch and dead and score in the corner. A massive cheer went up for this clever piece of play. No extras this time.

2nd half

A strong half time talk to re-focus themselves was given and as the momentum was now with 1871, the determination for efficiency and clinical execution came out.

The half started strongly for 1871 and didn’t let up, completely shutting out Harrow in the half.
At 5 minutes Ben Parkinson (12) went over to score the bonus point try, after a strong scrum platform, moving the ball wide for Josh Steadman (15) to hit a hard run and softly offload the ball inside for Ben to cut through the gap and go under the posts. Harry Vidler once again took the extras.

After 20 minutes 1871 had a decent rolling maul from a lineout win inside Harrow’s 22 and as they got closer to the try line, Harrow collapsed the maul. The first penalty try of the season to 1871.
2 minutes later Josh Steadman scored from a super quick reaction kick ahead by his brother, the Captain Lewis Steadman (13). Lewis was kicking for Josh to chase and the ball rebounded off a Harrow player’s foot into the open hands of Josh who didn’t break stride and broke through the fag paper gap, to score under the sticks. It was one of those “How did he do that?” moments. Harry Vidler again stepped up and took the extras.

At 26 minutes, Reggie Elliott-Jones (5) took to the scoreboard, much to the delights of the ‘Go Reggie!’ fans on the touchline. This was from the first of 3 in succession scores, from a lineout and in this one after the lineout win, 1871 put the heavies into play in successive moves, with Reggie on the end of the last, to crash over.

Once again Harry Vidler took the extras.

The next one came at 31 minutes, care of Tim Hitchcock, to score his hat-trick. The lineout won and the maul was set up, then Tim peeled off and crashed over as he could not be stopped. Harry Vidler sealed the score with the extras.

The last one and final score of the day came at 37 minutes, care of Matt Knights (18) (He’s just our physio!!!) who held his line well, on the wing and after a good lineout win, the ball went quickly down the line including from a little chip-kick pass, to Josh Steadman who once again tore through the crack in the Harrow defensive line and deftly popped the ball to Matt for him to dive in at the corner.

Sealing the day, Harry Vidler took the extras.

14Tim HitchcockTry5 - 0
15Harry VidlerConversion7 - 0
21Harry VidlerPenalty10 - 0
27Devis AccelamYellow Card
27HarrowPenalty10 - 3
29Tim HitchcockTry15 - 3
30Harry VidlerConversion17 - 3
32HarrowPenalty17 - 6
35Harry VidlerPenalty20 - 6
40Adrian CoaTry25 - 6
45Ben ParkinsonTry30 - 6
46Harry VidlerConversion32 - 6
601871Penalty Try39 - 6
62Josh SteadmanTry44 - 6
63Harry VidlerConversion46 - 6
66Reggie Elliot-JonesTry51 - 6
67Harry VidlerConversion53 - 6
71Tim HitchcockTry58 - 6
72Harry VidlerConversion60 - 6
77Matt KnightsTry65 - 6
78Harry VidlerConversion67 - 6
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