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Ealing Evergreens 17 - 3 Fullerians
Date: 28-01-2012 14:00
Type: Match
Section: Adults

I’m sure this will read as an unusual match report as more happened off the park than on as we celebrated our very own Stephane Maillefaud’s birthday, French style. But beforehand we had a Rugby game to play and did so with a magnificent performance and our first double of the season against excellent visitors who turned up a few players short but were determined to play and honour the game, fortunately we had a few spare that happily played with Fullerians so it was game on.

The first half was owned by the Evergreens’ magnificent backs with a breakaway try from Eddie Beck and a brace from Man of the Match Paul Hoban. The backs controlled everything in that half and it was a pleasure to see them having the game they deserved after a few unlucky and frustrating games this season.

Second half saw a more forward dominated 35mins in which we had at least 70% of territory advantage but just couldn’t turn anything into points which to be fair to Fullerians they defended like demons and in most cases deserved to keep us out. Final whistle from the referee who had a fine game saw the end of a battle that was played in an excellent competitive spirit from both teams and highly enjoyable. No need to take into account Big Stephs handbag moment with the back half his size as we think that was a little birthday present for him-self.

Now to the second part of the day which I believe will go down in Evergreen folklore as the finest finish to an afternoon’s rugby for many a year. As we were celebrating all things French (and fined if one didn’t bring something French) everybody warmed up with a few cans of Kronenburg 1664 before Steph appears with what can only be explained as a French feast of homemade Pate, Baguettes, Garlic Sausage, Pickles and cases of red and white wine. A full dressing room of Evergreens now in full La Marseillaise sing along mood with pate baguettes and red wine as company could be heard in Wembley High Street having a good old fashion rugby singsong Evergreens style. Not wanting to be rude to our Fullerians guest we returned to the club house sharing some jugs and offering out some drinking fines with the main perpetrators for down in one being Jamie Carling (subbing himself for being tired), Paul Clarke for assisting him, referee for simply being the referee and Fullerians Skipper for turning up without a full team. Steph being the birthday boy duly took his punishment of Guinness, Strongbow with a whiskey chaser which he won’t be in a hurry to repeat anytime soon.

Shenanigans continued with a few heading to the Forrester’s alongside the Exiles for what I am sure turned into hazy hung-over Sunday.


• Paul Hoban - Man of the Match by a mile! Hope you can remember those tries 
• Adrian Hobbs - Welcome back from injury, best game of the season
• Eddie Beck - Great try! Need to find you a kicking tee for the next game
• Greg Holdsworth - Back Bone of the backs all day … tremendous game
• Mark Rutherford - Well done mate, should have had that try
• David Brathwaite - Unlucky not to repeat his try scoring antics from a week ago
• Nicola Bazzan - Great under the high ball all day and added to the fine performance from the backs.
• Bill Miller 2 - Fronted up for Fullerians and out of position but had a grand game
• Peter Brathwaite - Never scores for us but does for Fullerians (what’s that all about)
• John Ronane - Glad your on our side JR…arrrrrrrgghhhhhhhhh
• Bill Miller 1 - Fronted up as usual
• Jamie Carlin - Played Back Row, Centre & Hooker, no wonder he needed a short rest.. Glad to have you back
• Andrew Lewis - Perfect in the lineout and made the difference around the park
• Dyll Davis - like a fine French vintage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• Mark Cannon - Played out of position as Hooker, but done a grand job, well done
• BOF - Sorry Mark should have passed that ball to you for that try
• Stephane Maillefaud - Stop picking fights with the little people - Happy Birthday
• Rahim Virani - Good to have a you back and playing brilliantly
. Jim Cox - Only on for two minutes but what a game! Hope the hammy gets better for the Irish game

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