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Ealing Trailfinders 1871 Playing Records 2022/23
Date: 30-06-2023 00:00
Type: Records and Honours
Section: Adults

This page records the playing records for the Ealing Trailfinders 1871 teams for the season 2022/23.

A full set of all Club fixtures and results is located HERE.

Season Summary (up to 30th April 2023)

Table of results, league fixtures only, including walk-overs.

1sts (L8 C2 H&M)2016047742483/11
2nds (MMT1)1880103874775/10
Exiles (MMT4)64021721134/10
Exiles (MMT4 Conference)107032811472/6
Evergreens (MMT Vets)
Season Totals54350191614985

Table of results, all fixtures, including cup games, friendlies and walk-overs.

PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstPts Diff
Season Totals724512621551394761

League Table - RFU Counties 2 Herts & Middlesex Division

2London Scottish Lions20161387118668514386
3Ealing Trailfinders 187120160477424852613381
4Saracens Amateurs20150562632530110273
5Wasps FC2010010469522-5310353
8St Albans207013482500-1811135
9Barnet Elizabethans206014335667-3326333

Cheshunt and London Scottish Lions were promoted to Counties 1 Herts & Middlesex Division.

See RFU Fixtures, Results and Statistics HERE.

Note that from 1st December Finsbury Park withdrew from RFU Counties 2 Herts & Middlesex Division and their results were declared void.

League Table - Middlesex Merit Table 1

1Belsize Park18180064811353590124
2London Scottish181602574224350101111
3Hammersmith & Fulham III181206502406968295
4London Scottish Lions 2nd XV1811074583341248284
5Ealing Trailfinders 1871 2nds188010387477-906278
6Grasshoppers II186012416518-1027365
7Hackney 2nd XV186012308470-1623464
8Old Priorian Saints185013298473-1755355
9Chiswick 2nd XV184014335606-2713154
10Hampstead 2nd XV164014270575-3054148

League Tables MMT4

Note that from 29th October 2022 Middlesex RFU restructured MMT4. Message from Middlesex RFU follows.

The 6 teams from MMT4 that were putting out regular teams will be forming a new league MMT4 Conference and will play each other home and away before the end of the season. All points previously awarded in MMT4 will be wiped and the league will begin at 0. The teams are as follows: 
Actonians IIs, Belsize Park Bulls, Ealing Exiles, Hayes, Ickenham, Northolt. This league will commence on the 12th November
Steve Partridge, Middlesex RFU Merit Tables Competition Organiser

See RFU Fixtures, Results and Statistics HERE (MMT4) and HERE (MMT 4 Conference).

League Table - Middlesex Merit Table 4 League

2Belsize Park Bulls5401158321261131
3Actonians II530211959601227
4Ealing Exiles6402172113593027
7Old Millhillians 2nd XV520396136-401016
8Chiswick 3rd XV510432109-77009
9Grasshoppers III510425100-75007
10Harrow 2nd XV50050125-125000

League Table - Middlesex Merit Table 4 Conference

1Actonians II108022591001594262
2Ealing Exiles107032811471342151
4Belsize Park Bulls10505200149511345

League Table - Middlesex Merit Table Vets

Ealing Evergreens are not competing in the RFU leagues this season.

All results including league, cup and friendly fixtures

Table of results, all fixtures, including cup games, friendlies and walk-overs.

PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstPts Diff

Ealing Trailfinders 1871 1sts competed in the Papa Johns Community Cup and were eliminated in the semi-final by Chipstead. The NW Middlesex Floodlit Cup final against Ruislip has been postponed to late summer due to conflict with the Papa Johns Cup.

Ealing Trailfinders 1871 2nds competed in the MMT1 playoffs and were eliminated in the semi final by London Sussex.

Ealing Exiles competed in the MMT4 playoffs and were defeated in the final by Belsize Park.

Playing Records for RFU Counties 2 Herts & Middlesex Division

Search for individual records, scroll left/right for more, display more than 10 rows and sort columns (e.g. Grand Total for most appearances).

Full Name1sts League
Vidler, Harry18
Steadman, Josh17
Steadman, Lewis17
O'Mahony, Dan16
Holt, Toby15
Nash, Pat15
Price, Gereint15
Wake, Nyall15
Parry, Luke14
Beck, Kyle13
Slater, Harrison13
Day, William12
Donnelly, Matthew12
Dissanayake, Jason10
Hitchcock, Tim10
Parkinson, Ben10
Aitcheson-Walker, Louis9
Fitzpatrick, Kavan8
Muirhead, Max8
Pink, Ben8
Troke, Laurence7
Niven, David6
O’Sullivan, Danny6
Sinnott, Darragh6
Elliott-Jones, Reggie5
Samms, Rasaan5
Beasley, Luke4
Bernard, Kayci3
Godfrey, connor3
Knights, Matthew3
Nolan, Charlie3
McBride, Finlay2
McDonagh, Liam2
Robinson, TJ2
Amankwaa, Kelvin1
Beck, Eddie1
Bird, Conor1
Gujadhur, Sunny1
Kilcoyne, Ian1
Nolan-Hutchinson, Callum1
Olivieri, Leonardo1
Price, Leighton1
Rodrigo, Adam1
Traore, Abdou1
Vaghela, Shivam1
Grand Total323

Playing Records for all Teams

This table includes all fixtures during the season: friendlies, league and cup games.

Search for individual records, scroll left/right for more, display more than 10 rows and sort columns (e.g. Grand Total for most appearances).

Full Name1sts2ndsExilesGrand Total
Vidler, Harry24327
Steadman, Josh23225
Fitzpatrick, Kavan137525
Steadman, Lewis23124
Bernard, Kayci514524
Rodrigo, Adam115723
O'Mahony, Dan211123
Ford, Daniel161623
Wake, Nyall201122
Price, Gereint191222
Slater, Harrison17421
O’Sullivan, Danny79521
Godfrey, connor311721
Spencer, Ash51520
Holt, Toby19120
Beck, Kyle172120
Ijaz, Mir Afzaal48719
Hitchcock, Tim15419
Amankwaa, Kelvin113519
Nash, Pat16218
Gujadhur, Sunny39618
Beasley, Luke59418
Parry, Luke1717
Aitcheson-Walker, Louis12517
Sinnott, Darragh86216
Price, Leighton29516
Donnelly, Matthew15116
Day, William15116
Dissanayake, Jason14115
Adide, alex31215
Traore, Abdou38314
Samms, Rasaan76114
Rutherford, Mark21214
Pink, Ben10414
Parkinson, Ben10414
Niven, David85114
Cox, Alfred11314
Beck, Eddie48214
Usher, Jake10313
Krasniqi, Fabio9413
Kilcoyne, Ian5813
Elliott-Jones, Reggie91313
Pochop, Clayton11112
Lecat, Emmanuel8412
Gillespie, Alex7512
Warren, Will4711
Clauson, Stanley3811
Troke, Laurence9110
Lacour, Matthew6410
Heffernan, Roderick1010
Fenn, Christopher2810
Nolan, Charlie3519
Muirhead, Max819
Wareham, Connor178
Robinson, TJ3328
Coa, Luis178
Balding, Adam268
Long, Archie437
Jackson, owen77
Vater, David516
Sluman, Tim66
McKeogh, Jonathan426
Jones, Aidan1326
Green, Justin156
Ward, Flynn415
Quick, Andrew235
Lynch-Edghill, Amani55
Imrit, Nabiil235
Boian, Petru325
Woolner, Frederick1124
Sandbrook, Gareth314
O'Sullivan, Eoghan134
McDonagh, Liam44
Cousins, Barry134
Connor, Fergus224
Coa, Adrian44
Boian, Mihai314
Bird, Conor224
Vaghela, Shivam1113
Olivieri, Leonardo123
McBride, Finlay213
Knights, Matthew33
Kelly, Joe123
Craig, Harry33
Constable, Charles33
Turner, Zac22
Pepper, Jacob22
Olaniregun, Jonathan112
Nolan-Hutchinson, Callum112
Merali, Asim22
Inson, Jez22
Helliwell, Callum22
Foley, Hugh112
Coa, Nephew22
Cardona, Simon112
User, Deleted11
Trowbridge, Ilan11
Thompson, Terry11
Smith, Sam11
Simcock, Dan11
Shiraishi, Tekehiro11
Poole, Evan11
Nethercote, Dan11
Mason, Archie11
Marsh, Jack11
Marden, Kean11
Manning, Galloway11
Jones, Calum11
Gilbert, Oliver11
Gibbs, Elliot11
Forgacz-Cooper, Charlie11
FitzGerald, Aidan11
Evans, Charlie11
Diamond, Tim11
Czop, Dawid11
Codrington-Lambert, Leo-John11
Coa, Son11
Chambers, JJ11
Grand Total4383442991081

Playing Metrics for all Teams

Search for individual records, scroll left/right for more, display more than 10 rows and sort column.

Full NameTryConversionPenaltyPenalty TryTotal PointsYellowRed
Vidler, Harry49313024520
Steadman, Josh2000010010
Beck, Kyle192009900
Fitzpatrick, Kavan190009501
Steadman, Lewis172008910
Ford, Dan146008200
Sinnott, Darragh124006810
Slater, Harrison421106500
Aitcheson-Walker, Louis130006500
Parkinson, Ben91004710
Muirhead, Max90004510
Mir, Afzaal90004500
O'Sullivan, Danny80004000
Beck, Eddie36303610
Price, Gereint70003510
Pink, Ben70003500
Hitchcock, Tim70003500
Dissanayake, Jason70003510
Amankwaa, Kelvin70003500
Quick, Andrew015003000
Day, Will60003000
Traore, Abdou50002500
Samms, Rasaan50002500
McBride, Finlay42002400
Cardona, Simon41002200
Penalty, Try00032100
Parry, Luke40002000
Kilcoyne, Ian40002010
Jones, Aidan40002010
Adide, Alex010002000
Boian, Petru32001900
Warren, Will31001710
Fenn, Christopher31001700
Cox, Alfie31001700
Wake, Nyall30001500
Usher, Jake30001500
Rodrigo, Adam30001500
Long, Archie30001500
Holt, Toby30001520
Connor, Fergus30001500
Bernard, Kayci30001500
Gillespie, Alex14001300
Spencer, Ash20001000
McKeogh, Jon20001000
Manning, Galloway20001000
Lacour, Matthew20001000
Jackson, Owen20001000
Donnelly, Matthew20001010
Codrington-Lambert, Leo-John20001000
Clauson, Stanley20001000
Ward, Flynn0120800
Woolner, Frederick1100700
Vater, David1000500
Trowbridge, Ilan1000500
Robinson, TJ1000500
Price, Leighton1000500
Poole, Evan1000500
Pepper, Jacob1000500
O'Mahony, Dan1000500
Nolan, Charlie1000500
Niven, David1000510
Nash, Pat1000500
Merali, Asim1000500
Knights, Matthew1000500
Gomme, Etienne1000500
Gibbs, Elliot1000500
Foley, Hugh1000500
Evans, Charlie1000500
Elliot-Jones, Reggie1000500
Craig, Harry1000510
Constable, Charles1000510
Coa, Luis1000500
Boian, Mihai1000500
Beasley, Luke1000500
Balding, Adam1000500
Nolan-Hutchinson, Callum0100200
Green, Justin0100200
Bird, Conor0100200
Troke, Laurence0000010
Kelly, Joe0000010
Heffernan, Rod0000010
Coa, Adrian0000010
Grand Total3051771931957231
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