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Mill Road
Alias: Colchester RFC
Type: Club House

Mill Road, Colchester.

Colchester have played at a number of grounds starting at the Horse Show ground which was at the top of Halstead Road in Lexden, on the site of the current Ambulance Station. The Club continued to play throughout the war using the pitches at Colchester Royal Grammar School, then in 1948 they moved to a field in Olivers Lane off Gosbecks Farm to the South of the town. The headquarters was originally in the historic Red Lion Hotel in Colchester High Street where players had the use of baths and had tea with the visitors, but they were eventually asked to move on by the landlords so they first went across the road to the George Hotel, and eventually to the Globe Hotel in North Station Road.

In 1950 the local council was persuaded to allow Rugby on one of its playing fields, and the club moved to Mile End where they had the use of a hut for changing but little else. Some members took it upon themselves to build a clubhouse, which was finished in 1953. In 1978 the council provided the Club with its current grounds at Mill Road and a new clubhouse was built, with the opening ceremony performed by England scrum-half Nigel Starmer-Smith.

In 2021 Colchester moved from Mill Road to a new clubhouse at Raven Park.

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