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Terry Humphreys Best Team 1967-1977
Type: Document
Date: 30-04-1977 00:00:00
In this document: Roger Benn, J G Bird, Richard Bliss, Chris Egan, Steve Foot, Ted Goodhew, Lester Hadfield, Ken Hall, Dave Horne, Terry Humphreys, Stuart Laird, A Maddocks, John Martin, Dave Patterson, D G Phillips, Dave Rayner, Ron Stapelton, John Taylor, C C Whitfield
Copyright: © Ealing Football Club (RU)

Received from Sam Clarke. Date approximate. See attached document. This is difficult to read. Best team is

15 Steve Foot
14 Chris Whitfield
13 John Taylor
14 Ken Hall
11 Ron Stapleton
10 Dave Rayner
9 John Martin (or Ted Goodhew)

1 Stuart Laird
2 Sam Clarke
3 Jim Bird
4 Chris Egan
5 Dave Phillips
6 Dick Bliss
7 Roger Benn
8 Dave Patterson

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