Season Awards 2013-14
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Date: 01-05-2014 18:00:00
Copyright: © Ealing Football Club (RU)

Captain's CapNot Awarded
1sts CapNot Awarded
1sts DatesNot Awarded
2nds CapNot Awarded
2nds DatesNot Awarded
3rds/Club CapDes Crinion, Mike Whitney
3rds/Club DatesAdam Hulmston, Phil Cotter, Eddie Beck, Nick Greenhalgh, Steve Richards, Stef McCabe
Player of the YearNot Awarded
Men's Player of the YearSteve Verma
Players' 1sts Player of the YearAndrew Henderson
Men's 1sts Player of the YearSteve Verma
Players' Exiles Player of the YearSteve Richards
Players' Evergreens Player of the YearJustin Green
Most Improved Player of the YearSam Lunnon
Supporters' Player of the YearPhil Chesters
Achievement AwardLouis Flynn
Club Vice PresidentPaul Clarke, Rob Williams
Martin Armstrong AwardAnnie Lyndon
Mike Cudmore CupPaul Hoban
Sportsmanship CupMat Evans
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