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Ealing Exiles 36 - 14 Belsize Park
Date: 07-01-2023 15:00
Type: Match
Section: Adults

CompetitionMMT Vase Round #2
RegulationsMMT Regulations
LocationVallis Way
CaptainKavan Kitzpatrick
Vice CaptainRasaan Samms
CoachesEddie Beck, David Brathwaite
Team ManagerDavid Brathwaite 07966 462532
PhysioErik Gee
RefereeHugh Tippett
TransportAt home
Team MeetingChanging room 13:30. £5 fine into team kitty for late arrival. Message or phone team manager if running late.
Changing RoomChampionship
Team RotaPost-match duties players: 13 - 15
Dress code post-matchEaling logo shirt and tie

Team Selection

1 Ash Spencer
2 Luke Beasley
3 Leighton Price
4 Jake Usher
5 Connor Godfrey
6 Hugh Foley
7 Adam Rodrigo
8 Kavan Fitzpatrick
9 Daniel Ford
10 Andrew Quick
11 Kelvin Amankwaa
12 Rasaan Samms
13 Charlie Nolan
14 Danny O'Sullivan
15 Alfred Cox


16 Barry Cousins
17 Will Warren
18 Stanley Clausen
19 Christopher Fenn

From the team talk in the changing room, to the warm-up, to the game, the messages of mindset and using the top two inches stuck with the players and there was a determination throughout the squad.

From the start of the game, the Ealing players seemed firmly up to start the new year with a bang and throughout the first half, they put Belsize Park under pressure, limiting their forays out of their own half to a minimum. Within 10 minutes, Ealing’s first try came, through Kavan Fitzpatrick, just over a minute after their first try was disallowed as it was deemed to have been knocked on. The conversion from the Boot of Andrew Quick was successful and three minutes later, the second try went in care of Hugh Foley. Ealing continued to apply pressure to Belsize Park, who tried to rally themselves and for the next 22 minutes fought hard to put meaningful sequences together managing briefly to get close to the Ealing try line, only to be again repelled by a very strong and physical defensive set. At 35 minutes, the third Ealing try went in, through Rasaan Samms, off the back of another strong Ealing scrum which was also converted by Andrew Quick.

Half-time score:
Ealing 1871 3rd XV - 19
Belsize Park 3rd XV - 0

10 minutes into the second half, Ealing continued where they left off and Kavan Fitzpatrick scored again, which was also duly converted by Andrew Quick. However, Belsize Park capitalised from a sloppy bit of Ealing defending after a team penalty Yellow Card and at 22 minutes they got a break by going over to score their first points, which were converted. Eight minutes later, at 30 minutes and just after Will Warren returned to the field, the try of the day came, through Ollie Gilbert picking up the ball at around the Ealing 22 and breaking through about 5 tackles to just about reach the Belsize Park 22, to then offload on the ground to Luke Beasley. He was in turn brought down by the Belsize Park scrambling defence, but was able to offload to Kelvin Amankwaa, who in his inimitable powerful style went over the line, whilst taking two Belsize Park players with him. Not to be outdone, at 36 minutes, Belsize Park scored their own well worked try by stretching the Ealing players wide on one side, then rewinding the play and hitting a nice hard inside line, against weak shoulders and loose tackling, to score under the posts. They also gained the two extra points by securing their conversion. Ealing wanted the last hurrah and Rasaan Samms obliged at 39 minutes.

All around a very good performance from Ealing, albeit a high penalty count, particularly in the second half.
David Brathwaite

10:00Kavan FitzpatrickTry5 - 0
11:00Andrew QuickConversion7 - 0
13:00Hugh FoleyTry12 - 0
35:00Rasaan SammsTry17 - 0
36:00Andrew QuickConversion19 - 0
50:00Kavan FitzpatrickTry24 - 0
51:00Andrew QuickConversion26 - 0
60:00Will WarrenYellow Card
62:00Belsize ParkTry26 - 5
63:00Belsize ParkConversion26 - 7
70:00Kelvin AmankwaaTry31 - 7
76:00Belsize ParkTry31 - 12
76:00Belsize ParkConversion31 - 14
79:00Rasaan SammsTry36 - 14
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