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St Albans 7 - 53 Ealing Trailfinders 1871 1sts
Date: 16-09-2023 15:00
Type: Match
Section: Adults

CompetitionCounties 2 H&M
RegulationsRFU Regulation 6 Adult Competitions
LocationSee "Related Records & Places"
CaptainLewis Steadman
Vice CaptainLiam McDonagh
CoachesEddie Beck, David Brathwaite
PhysioErik Gee
Team ManagerRicky Spadavecchia 07956 442502
Touch JudgeColonel
Veo CameraPaul Clarke
Match ReportDavid Brathwaite
HospitalityKean Marden, Paul Clarke, Dick Craig
TransportMeet at opposition ground
Match Day
13.30 Arrival Changing Room
13.45 Kickers & Throwers
14.00 Team Meeting in changing room
14.20 All Players On Pitch, Primers, Units, Fortress
14.50 Hits on Shields
14.52 Back Into The Changing Room
£5 fine into team kitty for late arrival. Message or phone team manager if running late.
Team RotaPost-match duties players: 1,2,3
Dress code pre-matchEaling logo grey polo
Dress code post-matchEaling logo shirt and tie

Team Selection

1 Daniel O'Mahony
2 Liam McDonagh
3 Tim Hitchcock
4 Noah Stewart
5 Devis Acellam
6 Reggie Elliott-Jones
7 Toby Holt
8 Alex Walker
9 Kyle Beck
10 Harry Vidler
11 Louis Aitcheson-Walker
12 Lewis Steadman
13 Jack Hobbs
14 Harrison Slater
15 Josh Steadman


16 Joe Kelly
17 Kavan Fitzpatrick
18 Leo Codrington-Lambert

The first game of the season got underway and the players arrived early, relaxed and seemed ready to do business. It was a hot day and lots of water was the order of the day. The request was for high energy and to send a statement……

St. Albans are a big and physical side, but 1871 played smart from the get-go and didn’t get into arm wrestling with the opposition and in so doing silenced the St. Albans supporters by Louis Aitcheson-Walker scoring within the first minute. The platform came from a powerful 1871 scrum and some very simple down the line passing then an out to in line, which cut open the defence. Harry Vidler duly converted the extras.

After this shock to the system, St. Albans rallied themselves and both sides began to feel their way around the pitch. In so doing 1871 got a bit over eager and although put pressure on St. Albans, failed to convert the efforts to points, losing some composure in the process. A few choice words of focus were given and at 20 minutes, Jack Hobbs intercepted a panicked St. Albans pass inside their own 5 metre line and scored. Once again Harry Vidler obliged with the extras.

Four minutes later Lewis Steadman went over after a quick phase from a lineout, with the ball going down the line and Josh Steadman being his destructive self and cutting open the defensive line, thereby creating space for his brother to go over. No conversion this time.

Five minutes later Louis Aitcheson-Walker went over again, giving 1871 the bonus point. Another platform had been provided by the forward pack, by way of a lineout, which then sent the ball down the line, a miss-pass and a 2 v 1. Conversion missed.

At this point 1871 relaxed and completely took their eyes off the prize. What seemed to be a decent kick chase ended up with St. Albans scoring at 36 minutes. The kick-ahead was comfortably recovered by their full back and although he had 3 x 1871 chasers bearing down on him, he easily ran around all three of them and accelerated away. The ball was recycled and after numerous missed 1871 tackles, St. Albans were on the 1871 5 metre line, where they used the pick and go one way to draw players one side, then they rewound their play and a big forward crashed over. They converted their points, which gave them confidence going into the second half.

1871 gained an early penalty after St. Albans struggled in the scrum, so Harry Vidler took the sensible option and converted the kick.

Two minutes later, Louis Aitcheson-Walker went over again, after another solid platform of a powerful 1871 scrum which gave space and time for the ball to go down the line, before Josh Steadman again came through like a train. He took the ball and when he went to offload, a St. Albans player stuck his hand out, knocking the ball backwards, which Louis was on hand to recover and cross the line with. Harry Vidler again stepped up to the tee to convert.

Eight minutes later, Harrison Slater went over to score, after another great scrum platform was given and Alex Walker picked up from the base. He carried hard, well over the gain line, popped the ball and Harrison feinted to pass, but went through the gap to score. Once again Harry Vidler did the honours.

As in the first half, 1871 came off the boil and found themselves camped inside their 22-metre line for an extended period, with St. Albans repeatedly knocking on the door, but not being allowed in, as twice the ball was held up over the line by 1871. Whether it was on purpose, with 1871 wanting to be properly tested defensively, or by 1871 not just managing to exit properly, the 1871 defence held out very well.

At 33 minutes after the St. Albans onslaught, Louis Aitcheson-Walker went over again, after a quick tap penalty from St. Albans being off their feet at the break-down. The ball was very quickly recycled and seeing an opening, Harrison Slater threw a well-aimed miss-pass to Louis, who had space and a free reign to score. Harry Vidler was again on hand to convert the points.

The final score came from Josh Steadman, which stemmed from another forward platform of a lineout. The ball was passed down the line, then a miss-pass given to Kyle Beck, who had about a fag paper’s width of space to run down the wing. How he was able to offload to Josh Steadman, who only needs half of that space to cause damage, is anyone’s guess. He did, however and in that space the St. Albans defence missed the tackle allowing Josh to score.

All in all, a very good result for 1871, with the energy requested being displayed on both sides of the ball and the statement to be made, being underlined.

The campaign is on…
David Brathwaite

Match report here

01Louis Aitcheson-WalkerTry0 - 5
02Harry VidlerConversion0 -7
16Joe KellyYellow Card
20Jack HobbsTry0 - 12
21Harry VidlerConversion0 - 14
24Lewis SteadmanTry0 - 19
26Lewis SteadmanYellow Card
29Louis Aitcheson-WalkerTry0 - 24
36St AlbansTry5 - 24
37St AlbansConversion7 - 24
44Harry VidlerPenalty7 - 27
46Louis Aitcheson-WalkerTry7 - 32
47Harry VidlerConversion7 - 34
54Harrison SlaterTry7 - 39
55Harry VidlerConversion7 - 41
73Louis Aitcheson-WalkerTry7 - 46
74Harry VidlerConversion7 - 48
78Josh SteadmanTry7 - 53
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