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Actonians 42 - 39 Ealing Trailfinders 1871 3rds
Date: 23-09-2023 12:00
Type: Match
Section: Adults

RegulationsMMT Regulations
LocationSee "Related Records & Places"
CaptainCalum Jones
CoachClayton Pochop
TransportMeet at opposition ground 10:30
Match Day
10.30 Arrival Changing Room
10.45 Kickers & Throwers
11.00 Team Meeting in changing room
11.20 All Players On Pitch, Primers, Units, Fortress
11.50 Hits on Shields
11.52 Back Into The Changing Room
£5 fine into team kitty for late arrival. Message or phone team manager if running late.
Dress code pre-matchEaling logo grey polo
Dress code post-matchEaling logo shirt and tie

Team Selection

Adam Balding
Ash Spencer
Rod Heffernan
Alex Kritikos
Nabiil Imrit
Luis Coa
Callum Neal
Stan Clauson
Archie Long
Calum Jones
Neil Mayer
Charlie Evans
Andrea de Frontis
Evan Wong
Felix Whitechapel
Fran Celot
Alex Adide



The boys p[played a good clean game with only a few pens.


  • Early on we decided to keep the lineout simple and only do a front and/or middle pod this worked well throughout the game.
  • We also decided to put up a pod in the front of the line out on their ball every time and this also worked well we stole several of their lineouts.
  • Plan from the offset was to keep it simple with very few moves just to get ourselves into the game.
  • We really got into the game in second half and after realising they are not much of a team even though we had gone down 28-8 in the first half.
  • Good scrumming.
  • Tackle hight wasn’t good.


  • We stated with the traditional Ealing slow start, but I also put it down to new faces and people finding their feet.  
  • We dropped several high balls.
  • Tried to run it a few times in our 22 which didn’t work.  
  • Manage the clock we gave them the last try by not retaining the ball and running down the clock.
10ActoniansTry/Conversion7 - 0
15Calum JonesPenalty7 - 3
19ActoniansTry/Conversion14 - 3
29ActoniansTry/Conversion21 - 3
1871 Player ??Try21 - 8
36ActoniansTry/Conversion28 - 8
44Calum JonesTry28 - 13
45Calum JonesConversion28 - 15
52Nabiil ImritTry28 - 20
53Calum JonesConversion28 - 22
62Felix WhitechapelTry28 - 27
63Calum JonesConversion28 - 29
68ActoniansTry/Conversion35 - 29
70Calum JonesPenalty35 - 32
79ActoniansTry/Conversion42 - 32
??1871 Player ??Try42 - 37
??1871 Player ??Conversion42 - 39
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