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Ealing Trailfinders 1871 2nds 57 - 10 Wasps
Date: 30-09-2023 15:00
Type: Match
Section: Adults

RegulationsMMT Regulations
LocationSee "Related Records & Places"
Pitch4G Stadium
CaptainKavan Fitzpatrick
Vice CaptainBen Parkinson
CoachesEddie Beck
PhysioMatt Knights
RefereeEdward Moores
TransportAt home
Match Day
13.30 Arrival Changing Room
13.45 Kickers & Throwers
14.00 Team Meeting in changing room
14.20 All Players On Pitch, Primers, Units, Fortress
14.50 Hits on Shields
14.52 Back Into The Changing Room
£5 fine into team kitty for late arrival. Message or phone team manager if running late.
Changing RoomChampionship
Dress code pre-matchEaling logo grey polo
Dress code post-matchEaling logo shirt and tie

Team Selection

1 Adam Mustafa
2 Stanley Clausen
3 Ash Spencer
4 Connor Godfrey
5 David Vater
6 Alex Kritikos
7 Gereint Price
8 Kavan Fitzpatrick
9 Kyle Beck
10 Andrew Quick
11 Danny O'Sullivan
12 Ben Parkinson
13 Ruairi McDonald
14 Kayci Bernard
15 Dan Ford


16 James Layzell
17 Nabiil Imrit
18 Abdou Traore
19 Dan Nethercote

We talk about 1871 Green Army and today we took on a veritable army of Wasps who arrived at Vallis Way with 24 players; frankly they could have brought the whole hive today and the 2’s would have despatched the entire invading hoard! We talk now about building EMP and the warm up saw that energy build to a crescendo and the planned fast start we are looking for this season.

1871 fast started, in minute 2 Kyle break from 50m with Pricey in support excellent give and receive passing cut the Wasps defence apart and Pricey went in to touch down. Minute 4 and Wasps KO
fielding by Danny O Sullivan with a great carry through poor wasps tackling put us in the 22 and Wasps under siege, fast breakdown and Kyle found the hole in their defence to go in for his try.

Throughout the match 1871 proved sharper in thought more physical in both set piece, carries and dominant tackling. The pack provided excellent set-piece ball in both scrum and line out enabling backs to bring flowing rugby and width to proceedings. Alex Kritikos (MotM) very well deserved was the human wrecking ball with his carrying, breaking tackles, making big hits and generally terrorising the oppo all afternoon claimed his try with great support line running. Parky’s
3 try haul came from his ability to play to the refs whistle seizing upon knock on advantages plus ghosting through gaps and effective kick chase support. Kav the dove, led the 2”s today and led well. He too seized upon a penalty advantage with a quick tap and go to bag his try but did nominate himself for (DoTD) trying his hand at kicking from hand. (Stick to the adverts!!)

Kayci and Ruairi both went in from set piece platform followed by well executed back line moves.

Wasps had only two opportunities one was from a missed tackle and the other was in the last two minutes where we decided for some reason to try and run out of the dungeon instead of clearing which duly put us under siege pressure and despite a massive committed goal line tackle defence; I feel a little unconscious bias from the ref here played a part in giving something to Wasps.

All day 1871 fired wave upon wave of EMP at Wasps, the offloading, handling and interplay between Forwards and Backs proved too much and it was especially pleasing to see us play the game in the right areas of the battlefield for the majority of the 80 mins.

Pre-season and September Training has seen 1871 grow exponentially and 1871 are sitting in their rightful spots at the top of the leagues, bring on October!!

The Old Adage:
Train Hard, Winnings Easy!
Train Easy, Winnings Hard!
Well done one and all,

02Gereint PriceTry5 - 0
04Kyle BeckTry10 - 0
08WaspsTry10 - 5
12Ruairi McDonaldTry15 - 5
13Andrew QuickConversion17 - 5
23Ben ParkinsonTry22 - 5
30Kavan FitzpatrickTry27 - 5
31Andrew QuickConversion29 - 5
37Ben ParkinsonTry34 - 5
38Andrew QuickConversion36 - 5
43Alex KritikosTry41 - 5
44Andrew QuickConversion43 - 5
68Kayci BarnardTry48 - 5
69Andrew QuickConversion50 - 5
74Ben ParkinsonTry55 - 5
75Andrew QuickConversion57 - 5
80WaspsTry57 - 10
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