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Dave Horne Scrapbook 1983-84
Date: 06-09-1986 00:00
Type: Records and Honours
Section: Adults

Dave Horne was Club Captain for two seasons 1983-84 and 1984-85. This scrapbook, lovingly captured by his wife Mary, provides a deep insight into Dave's first season as captain.

We have a detailed record of the fixtures for the 1983-84 season. These differs slightly from the end of season report in Newsletter Over The Bar Summer 1984 but they are very similar.

SourcePlayedWonDrawnLostPoints ForPoints Against
Results History403055890280
Summer Newsletter 1984393135881271

Dave (or was it Mary?) kept excellent records of his playing career and he records playing 38 games that season.

Season highlights include:

  • Playing 40 games in a season, which is an astonishing number by modern standards.
  • Winning the first 10 games of the season, points for 259, points against 44.
  • A memorable run in the Middlesex Cup, defeating Richmond by 15 points to 14 before losing away in the semi final at Wasps by 20 points to 3.
  • Then competing in the Agar Cup, winning the final against Hendon by 16 points to 6. (What is the Agar Cup? See HERE.)
  • Finishing the season with a tour to Otley generously agreeing to draw 18 - 18 against their hosts. The Season Handbook for the season shows an Easter tour to Paris so somewhere along the line this was changed to sunny Otley.

Dave's playing careen spanned 25 seasons and he records an estimated 644 appearances for the Club primarily for the first team, but also a good number for the second team and Evergreens.

HERE is the scrapbook in its entirety but you can examine individual clippings and photos by browsing the Event Photos below. Click individual images to see details.

Recommended reading. Newsletter Over The Bar Spring 1984 and Newsletter Over The Bar Summer 1984. It was such a successful season that it merited two Newsletters.

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