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Person Content Span: 31 year(s)
Date Range: 01-08-1978 - 12-05-2010
Damian Bugeja
Alias: D A
Role: Adult Player, Club Chairman, Life Member, Member/Supporter
Date Deceased: 12-05-2010

Damian Bugeja portrait(1)

Damian joined the club in 1976 and featured in the Club’s very first Colts team managed by Dave Inwood. Damian was one of a number of young men from St Benedict’s who joined the club at that time and who were to go on to form the bedrock of the successful 1st XV of the 1980’s which achieved National League status for the first time in the Club’s history. Damian continued to play rugby throughout his time at the club captaining a number of sides and more recently turning out for the Evergreens on a regular basis.

One of Damian’s proudest achievements at the Club was his involvement in establishing mini rugby.  Along with a band of other club members he brought the patter of ‘smaller feet’ to Berkeley Fields on a Sunday morning, coaching and managing the first mini rugby teams to don Ealing colours. We all know how these initial steps have developed into today’s successful minis and youth sides which now form such an integral part of our Club.

Off the field Damian served on the Club’s Executive Committee as Minis & Youth Chairman and twice as Chairman of the Club. Add in his work in creating our first Club web pages and acting as Webmaster, plus his elevation to Vice Presidency and Honorary Life Membership and you get the picture about Damian. He was tireless in his support and love for our Club and achieved so much that we will be forever in his debt.

Damian Bugeja passed away on Wednesday 12th May.

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