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Newsletter Over The Bar 1988
Type: Document
Date: 01-05-1988 00:00:00
In this document: Naheem Akhter, Clive Alexander, Simon Anders, Paul Anderson, Mike Armstrong, Tim Arnold, Eddie Atwell, Kathy Bedford, Clive Benjamin, Peter Bennet, Ken Berry, Richard Bliss, Pat Bluett, John Booth, Dennis Brewer, Chris Browne, Damian Bugeja, Mark Bugeja, Phil Bugeja, Jamie Camp, Michael Carroll, Paul Clarke, George Clempson, John Congerton, Mark Congerton, Phil Cook, James Coomes, Colin Cooper, Marcus Cotterstone, Barry Cousins, John Critchfield, Bill Deam, Piers Dingemans, Phil Dorgan, Jake Edmonds, Pat Egan, John Fletcher, Seamus Foley, Steve Foot, Paul Foreman, David Green, Paul Green, Peter Green, Tony Groves, Craig Gyetvai, Phil Gyetvai, Roger Hard, Jonathan Hart, Mike Hartley, Dave Higgins, Peter Hill, Dave Horne, Terry Humphreys, Hugh Hutchison, Graham Johnson, Rhidian Jones, Kieran Kelly, Paul Kenny, Andy Kershaw, Pat Kirby, Steve Lee, Alan Lewis, Simon Macguire, Quentin Maclaurin, J P D Mallinson, Pat Martin, Liam McCarthy, Frank McHale, Charles Miller, Paul Monteith, Paul Morgan, Bill Mousley, Sean Popperwell, Brian Powell, Graham Preecey, Dave Propert Lewis, Larry Redmond, Derek Reed, Steve Reed, Phil Rice, Ted Rose, Jerry Russell, Pat Sharp, Bruce Shepard, Nick Simpson, Jerry Smart, Ian Smith, Jack Snell, Jason Snell, Vittorio Spadavecchia, John Spargo, Milton Stevens, Bill Taylor, Duncan Taylor, Peter Taylor, Dave Thomas, John Walder, DJS Webber, Simon Wells, Bob West, Craig Wheeler, Mike Whitfield, G J Williams, Rob Williams, Dennis Wilson, Bernard Woelfel, Bill Woodruff, Bryn Worth, Alan Wragg
Copyright: © Ealing Football Club (RU)

Steve Foot retires as Club Captain. John Mallinson made Vice President of Middlesex.

Piers Dingemans, Jamie Camp and Craig Gyetvai represented Middlesex Under 21 and reached the national semi-final.

Dave Higgins, Rob Williams (winger), Piers Dingemans, Kieran Kelly and Jake Edmonds represented Middlesex County Clubs.

Colts again won the Middlesex Cup.

Piers Dingemans, Jamie Camp, Craig Gyetvai, Mark Congerton and Paul Anderson selected for the county U21 squad.

Players with over 20 appearances for the 1st XV:
Jake Edmonds 33; Mark Bugeja, Steve Foot 32; Rob Williams 31; Pat Bluett 30; Graham Johnson, John Critchfield, 28; Alan Wragg 26; Bill Mousley 25; Piers Dingemans 23.

Eight adult teams plus U21, U19 and U16. Two tours.

The local police have done a sterling job in catching one of the people who burgled the clubhouse, and have a warrant for the arrest of the other disgusting person who did so much damage in a separate incident.

Includes a playlet "Well Over The Bar" which recalls the great flood of 8th May 1988 when Shit Creek overflowed, causing Micky Carroll do dive into the murky waters to swim front crawl across the room.

The newsletter ends with a plea for funds to repair the damage to the bar to meet the insurance shortfall.


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