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End of Season Newsletter 1981
Type: Document
Date: 01-04-1981 00:00:00
In this document: Aslam Addique, Nieme Akhter, Martin Armstrong, Peter Armstrong, Jo Ashton, Dave Barnet, Clive Benjamin, Tom Bereznicki, John Bingham, Richard Bliss, Mike Bluett, Eric Braithwaite, Dennis Brewer, Tim Brunsden, Damian Bugeja, Mark Bugeja, Andy Caldwell, Gary Clark, Paul Clarke, James Cogswell, Andy Coldwell, Aiden Cooney, Owen Coyle, Bob Craig, Paul Cunningham, Tom Dale, Nick Downes, George Duckworth, Jake Edmonds, Dave Edmondson, Tom Fisher, Steve Foot, Lyndon Foote, Jack Gardner, Mark Giddings, Andrew Golding, David Green, Paul Green, Peter Green, Gordon Griffiths, Lester Hadfield, George Haley, Mike Hartley, John Hartnett, Peter Hearney, Malcolm Henderson, Dave Inwood, Bob Jackson, Toby Jug, Peter Kelland, Brendan Kelly, Bill Kennard, Noel Lally, Micky Leonard, Quentin Maclaurin, John Martin, Dennis McCanny, Frank McHale, Paul McRory, Graham Melhuish, Charles Miller, Paul Monteith, Paul Morgan, Kevin Oaten, Brian Orpin, Andy Pandy, Gordon Penrose, D G Phillips, George Priechenfried, A Prosser, John Quinn, Derek Reed, Peter Reed, Dennis Smith, Kevin Smyth, John Stewart, Mike Stigwood, Bill Strang, Bill Taylor, Ron Tucker, Chris Tweedale, Paul Varney, Steve Wallace, Jack White, Robert Whitehorn, G J Williams, Guin Williams, Rob Williams, Roger Woods, Dave Young

Actual date unknown but after Christmas and before the Easter. Also includes short Lourdes Itinerary.

This newsletter refers to "John Hickman and Warwick Tilton both 1st XV captains". Need to match these against the correct Hickman and Tilton as there are a few of these.

"Andy Caldwell, Jake Edmonds, Mark Giddings and "Aren't I beautiful?" James Cogswell all having played for the Middlesex side, the latter three also getting through to the final London Counties trial."

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