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End of Season Newsletter 1979
Type: Document
Date: 01-05-1979 00:00:00
In this document: Doug Airey, Jim Andrews, Peter Armstrong, Paul Bendon, Alan Bennet, Tom Bereznicki, Dennis Brewer, Mike Brown, Damian Bugeja, Mark Bugeja, Paul Clarke, Peter Cook, Pete Cooper, Tom Dale, Robin Davies, Gordon Day, Tony Denton, Pat Egan, Paul Ewart, Tom Fisher, Steve Foot, Lyndon Foote, Paul Foreman, Sandy Glen, John Grieve, Gordon Griffiths, Lester Hadfield, George Haley, Roger Hard, Mike Hartley, John Hobbs, Dave Horne, D Hudson, Terry Humphreys, Alistair Hunter, Dave Inwood, Bob Jackson, Graham Johnson, Adrian Jones, T Jones, Pete Kearney, Bill Kennard, Malcolm Kitchen, Dave Lennon, Micky Leonard, Paul Lowen, Andy Lyddiatt, J P D Mallinson, Wilson Marshall, John Martin, Pat Martin, Clive McGinty, Graham Melhuish, Julian Mitchell, Paul Monteith, Nick Moore, Paul Morgan, Jim Norris, Mick O'Regan, Derek Oliver, Dave Patterson, D G Phillips, John Phillips, John Quinn, Dave Rayner, Dave Richards, Nick Simpson, Will Sinnott, John Smith, John Spargo, Ron Tucker, Paul Varney, Ian Weitzel, G J Williams, Ken Williams, Rob Williams, Roger Woods, Joe Woolfe
Copyright: © Ealing Football Club (RU)

Date approximate.

"Steve Foot beat Dave Rayner's Centenary Year record of 259 points by 9 points."

"Ealing Sports Council has granted us £2,500 towards the cost of additional changing rooms."

'Ken Williams who when told his play was mature "like a vintage port" replied "Yes, I do play a bit like
Southampton on occasions!'

Edmondson is named in the Colts, Is this Dave or Nick? Also "Williams" - any ideas which one?

Middlesex County Clubs Players - Peter Armstrong, Adrian Jones.

Middlesex Colts Players - Mark Bugeja, John Grieve, Micky Leonard, Paul Varney.


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