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Newsletter Over The Bar 1986
Type: Document
Date: 01-05-1986 00:00:00
In this document: Simon Anders, Mike Armstrong, Tim Arnold, Eddie Atwell, Mathew Baker, Graham Barton, Danny Baxter, Kathy Bedford, Peter Bennet, Tom Bereznicki, Andy Berry, C S Bevan, Richard Bliss, Paul Bolwell, Eddie Brown, Mike Brown, Chris Browne, Tim Brunsden, Damian Bugeja, Phil Bugeja, Jamie Camp, Paul Carlton, Andy Carroll, Michael Carroll, Marcus Chorley, Gary Clark, Don Clarke, Paul Clarke, George Clempson, Jason Congerton, John Congerton, Phil Cook, Colin Cooper, Barry Cousins, Andy Crocker, Robin Davies, Bill Deam, Piers Dingemans, Phil Dorgan, George Duckworth, Jake Edmonds, Dave Ellis, Graham Fletcher, Steve Foot, Lyndon Foote, Paul Foreman, Martin Forro, John Goodison, Paul Green, Peter Green, John Grieve, Gordon Griffiths, Martin Grundy, Phil Gyetvai, Mike Hartley, Dave Higgins, George Higgins, ? Holohan, Dave Horne, Terry Humphreys, Tracey Jackson, Colin Jarvie, Graham Johnson, Dave Jones, Brendan Kelly, Kieran Kelly, Ian Komor, Stuart Laird, Steve Lee, Andy MacKay, Danny Mackintosh, Quentin Maclaurin, J P D Mallinson, John Martin, Forbes McCrirrick, Charles Miller, Simon Mitchell, Paul Monteith, Paul Morgan, Nick Newlove, Les O'Gorman, Mick O'Regan, D G Phillips, Jonathan Roberts, Brendan Ryan, Dominic Sharkey, John Shearsby, Mike Sil, Bob Simpson, Nick Simpson, John Spargo, Bill Taylor, Duncan Taylor, J R Webster, Mike Whiteside, Jack Wilcock, G J Williams, Gwyn Williams, Mark Witherspoon, Bernard Woelfel
Copyright: © Ealing Football Club (RU)

Awarded Team of the Month in Rugby World. Also includes short USA Tour Report.

"Star players Phil Gyetvai, Dave Higgins, Graham Johnson and Peter Bennet were all regular Middlesex County Clubs players, the first two being also included in the full County squad."

Is Phil Cook actually Peter Cook?

This document needs to be rescanned.

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