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Ealing Trailfinders 1871 2nds 21 - 52 Belsize Park
Date: 16-12-2023 12:00
Type: Match
Section: Adults

CompetitionMMT Cup
RegulationsMMT Regulations
LocationSee "Related Records & Places"
Pitch4G P1
CaptainKavan Fitzpatrick
Vice CaptainBen Parkinson
CoachesEddie Beck
ManagerRob Williams
PhysioErik Gee
RefereeCyril Brognard 07473795920
Veo CameraPaul Clarke
ScoreboardPaul Clarke
TransportAt home
Match Day
10.30 Arrival Changing Room
£5 fine into team kitty for late arrival. Message or phone team manager if running late.
Changing RoomOP2 & OP3, referee OP 6
Team RotaPre-match/post-match duties players: 4 - 6
Dress code pre-matchEaling logo grey polo
Dress code post-matchEaling logo grey polo

Team Selection

1 Luke Beasley
2 Stan Clauson
3 Devis Acellam
4 Reggie Elliot-Jones
5 Connor Godfrey
6 Nyall Wake
7 Kavan Fitzpatrick
8 Alex Kritikos
9 Gereint Price
10 Ben Parkinson
11 Kayci Bernard
12 George Forster
13 Danny O'Sullivan
14 Ben Pink
15 Adrian Coa


16 Tom Anwell
17 Lewis Steadman
18 Tijai Bright

Unsurprisingly Belsize Park set their stall out early in the week informing us that they were bringing 20 for this cup encounter. They fear and give us the due respect, bringing their best as they
should when we encounter them both in league and cup encounters!

Quite simply a score-line that isn’t reflective of the overall game and attitude that was shown from start to finish by 1871 yet somehow I feel we take away a good amount of work-ons that Belsize did present and execute to enable them to build their score consistently.

The first 20 mins saw spirited attack and defensive sets from both teams the opening try from BP was opportunistic as it was from a scrum turnover in our own 22 after some spirited defence to force a knock-on which should have enabled us to execute our 22 clearance game plan. The second was a missed tackle in centre field. An attitude filled next 10mins saw 1871 attack, break tackles and get ball through hands to stretch BP resulting in a penalty award in front of the BP sticks about 10m out which Pricey saw the opportunity to quick tap, wrong foot a defender and go in under the posts duly converted by Parky who had a good day with the boot even if there were too many practised restarts! Penalty counts were high on both sides in the first half (I personally would have liked to see more advantage from the ref played) a good kick to the 1871 5m line and a well executed line-out catch and drive saw BP score the third of their tries again converted. 7-21 half time.

The second half saw another 10mins of penalties being exchanged as well as ferocious defence from both sides, a breakaway try from BP was immediately cancelled by a great 1871 team try of well executed hammers and nails sucking in the BP defence before Parky found the space he craves to split the BP backline and go in under the sticks converting his own efforts for the full 7 points!

The game became sticky for the next 20mins played at a good pace with neither side able to gain momentum or superiority over the other, great scramble defence and well communicated attack and defensive sets saw the battle of the midfield result in injuries and changes needed by both sides. Sadly 1871 with a slightly light bench began to suffer especially losing Beaso and Pricey destabilising the set piece with the reshuffle of positions. Then at 68 to 75 mins BP found a way to score three quick tries, 1871 lost its communication and spacing and despite a quick response to the 3rd BP try with one of our own from TJ as we remained patient putting BP under siege in their 22 from a restart executing France the game was all but over and a final try from BP saw out the 80mins. 21-52 full time result.

The final chat was constructive and despite the disappointment of the result we found a solace and a comradeship that 1871 has grown exponentially in this first half of the season.

There will be more cups to play in and I’m sure more to learn and work on as we grow together but right now despite the results of the last two weeks I’ve never seen 1871 be stronger, have more attitude or more determined as a squad to play for one another and for Dave, Clayton and I that means for 1871 we are all winners!

1-09Belsize ParkTry0 - 5
1-10Belsize ParkConversion0 - 7
1-17Belsize ParkTry0 - 12
1-18Belsize ParkConversion0 - 14
1-27Gereint PriceTry5 - 14
1-28Ben ParkinsonConversion7 - 14
1-39Belsize ParkTry7 - 19
1-40Belsize ParkConversion7 - 21
2-10Belsize ParkTry7 - 26
2-13Ben ParkinsonTry12 - 26
2-14Ben ParkinsonConversion14 - 26
2-28Belsize ParkTry14 - 31
2-29Belsize ParkConversion14 - 33
2-30Belsize ParkTry14 - 38
2-31Belsize ParkConversion14 - 40
2-35Belsize ParkTry14 - 45
2-36Tijai BrightTry19 - 45
2-37Ben ParkinsonConversion21 - 45
2-39Belsize ParkTry21 - 50
2-40Belsize ParkConversion21 - 52
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