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Scotland Tour 1985
Date: 05-04-1985 00:00
Type: Tour
Section: Adults

Little known of this tour other than the fixtures and results. If anyone has any further information or documents then add to "Comments".

The appeal for more information brought in recollections from Graham Fletcher, Dave Horne and Lyndon Foote.

Lyndon's recollection of the scores doesn't quite match the "official" records here. These scores came from hand written notes here. But this doesn't prove that Lyndon is incorrect. If anyone has more information about these results we may end up with a validated set. Lyndon's Aussie fly half is Murray McGain. Lyndon mentions a photo of a collapsed and smiling front row. Does anyone know where this is?

The three sets of recollections now means that we have three different versions of the "whisky and lime" story.

This was my first senior rugby tour I was just 17 years old. There were a few Colts taken on this tour, Jamie Camp was my my room mate when he managed to make back to our room. Other Colts included Ian Fryer, Jason Snell, Ian Smith, Dennis Smith and James Coombes.

I think and our tour dad was Lyndon Foote who looked after us!

We met up at the North Star in Ealing and we all had to have an Easter bonnet which was taken to the limit by Kieran Kelly, Phil Gyetvai and Dave Higgins who were wearing a Hillman Car Bonnet with 3 holes cut in it for their heads.

I remember Jason Snell was sick just as we were leaving the station on the night train up to Edinburgh. It was going to be a long night.

When we arrived in Edinburgh we made our way to our hotel which was called the Hotel Minto which was a building site and we were told we had arrived a bit early… be honest we could have been a month late and the hotel would still not be finished. However I’m not sure how but alternative arrangements were made and we ended up a rather swanky hotel in Murrayfield; it had a piano bar ( I’m not sure if they had ever hosted a touring rugby team before or if they have since).

I remember having my room turned over not once but twice must remember to lock the room door at night. I also remember getting changed in the Murrayfield Stadium changing rooms ready to take on Murrayfield Rugby Club and thinking these changing rooms are bigger than our club house at Berkeley Field.

Don’t remember the game but I do remember Mark Witherspoon being stripped naked and gagged with his pants before being tied to the international rugby post by the rope which was meant to keep you off the pitch. The reason why was that he was caught speaking to his girlfriend on the clubhouse pay phone. Harsh but fair.

I also remember the evening hotel entertainment at the piano bar a lady was singing the theme from Cats and certain members of the tour helped out by making the sounds of a screaming Tom Cat. Also the barman enthusiastically describing proudly the history of the wide range of whisky he had, followed by his tears when he poured some out only to be told stick a shot of lime in each them……tour rule all drinks had to have a shot of lime cordial in them.

I remember playing on the wing against Hawick trades. It was wet and cold but I was just happy to play and we won under Dave Horne's captaincy.

These are the memories I have may not be completely accurate but it was a long time ago but what a great time fun and laughs what rugby is all about. I’m sure there was a lot more going on so hopefully some other players will come forward and fill in the gaps. Thanks Fletch
Graham Fletcher

Regarding the lime, we did the same in what was reputed to be the oldest pub in Edinburgh. When Keiron asked the barman for x number of glasses of his oldest whisky, he had to climb up a ladder to reach the top shelf and then dust the bottle off before proudly pouring it into the glasses. Keiron, with his usual perfect timing, then added the words “and lime”!
Dave Horne

I just read Fletch's report, fairly accurate, but he's probably not senile enough yet to get the details right.

We grew the game against Hawick Trades 15 - 5, 5 drop goals scored by the Aussie fly half, whose name at the moment escapes me, on a muddy pitch as well. Dave made me pack leader; I spent the first 20 minutes of the game trying to catch Dave Higgins to ask him to take over.
I also remember in the posh hotel bar, very early, not feeling well, before the game with Pennycook (spelling??). I thought I would have a quick Bloody Mary, only to be joined by Kieran, Phil Gyetvai (spelling??) and Dave Higgins, who decided to join me in a few more Bloody Marys, you can probably guess the rest.
So, the four of us turned up for the game pissed again, the front row and Dave Higgins, who bottled it and would not play.

We actually won by over 50 points, with Kieran and Phil scoring and I would have scored too if Graham Johnson had passed to me, honest. There was a brilliant photograph of the front row collapsed with the 3 of us smiling at the camera, I don't know who owns the photo.
It was definitely Forbes asking for 6 (number escapes me) of your finest whiskies please landlord, turning down many until he got the dusty one off the top shelf and with lime of course.
All the best
Lyndon Foote
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