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Person Content Span: 32 year(s)
Date Range: 13-12-1884 - 29-05-1917
Leopold de Rothschild
Role: Club President
Date Deceased: 29-05-1917

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"Leopold de Rothschild, was a British banker, thoroughbred race horse breeder, and a member of the prominent Rothschild family."

He was also the first President of Ealing Football Club (RU) in 1896 and remained in office until 1914.

Leopold de Rothschild, Vanity Fair, 1884-12-13.jpg

In the 1932 proceedings of the 60th Diamond Jubilee Dinner is is reported that

"Today Gunnersbury Park, once the London residence of Mr Leopold de Rothschild, is the Club's "home" for two of Ealing's six fifteens, playing on pitches in Gunnersbury Park and on the site that used to be occupied by their former president's polo pitch."

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