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Date: 31-12-2022 00:00
Type: Deceased
Section: Adults, Youth, Minis, Colts

The page will be used to index the Obituaries and Valedictories of past players and members of The Club. The intent is to identify all memorial messages recorded in various club documents, primarily the Season Newsletters and the Club Minute Books, and to transfer these memorial messages into Respice Prospice and to access them via a Wall Of Remembrance, a prototype for which can be found HERE. Sadly we will also record recent Valedictories and add these to the Wall Of Remembrance as well.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the Valedictories may do so by leaving a message and, optionally, photographs, using the Comments Facility on the memorial page for the person.

Mike Berry21st May 2023
Carol Dinsley18th March 2023
Stephane Mallefaud30 November 2022
Ian MacWhannell17 February 2022
Adrian Jones02 December 2021
Frank McHale21 September 2021
Peter Green27 March 2021
Steve Lee21 August 2020
Haseen Hashim29 June 2020
Jack Snell19 April 2020
Clive Benjamin04 March 2020
Gordon Griffiths28 October 2019
Willie Williams05 September 2019
Bob Cordiner02 September 2019
Joe Lecky15 February 2019
Pete Cooper12 November 2018
Michael Green25 February 2018
David Pluckrose01 February 2018
Richard Bull11 December 2016
Marek Kosta08 November 2016
Pat Egan17 September 2016
DRM Hickman01 July 2016
George Priechenfried09 May 2016
Mike Hill06 May 2015
Warwick Tilton05 April 2015
Stuart Laird10 February 2013
John Mallinson27 December 2012
John Congerton01 July 2012
Dave Inwood16 March 2011
Steve Keen01 November 2010
Damian Bugeja12 May 2010
Frances Taylor04 April 2010
Alex King18 October 2008
Jimmy Angles14 September 2008
John Hickman01 July 2008
Alexis Dodin13 May 2007
Dudley Kemp03 January 2003
Geoff Sykes 01 May 1994
Ken Bonner01 April 1994
Sam Larkin01 November 1993
Bernard Woelfel15 August 1993
Wally Keenan31 March 1992
Ted Clayton01 January 1989
WDC "Bob" Hedges20 December 1988
Bob West01 February 1988
Bill Stevens01 February 1988
Gordon Stiles01 January 1987
John Wilson01 January 1987
Michael Raw01 September 1986
Jack Priske01 June 1984
Gordon Powell01 August 1983
Stan Nicholls01 January 1983
Martin Armstrong11 October 1981
Jack White01 January 1981
Jack Hickman01 July 1971
Frank McKay04 January 1964
Tommy Drayton01 January 1964
Alf Watson01 June 1955
Leopold de Rothschild29 May 1917
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