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Newsletter Over The Bar 1987
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Date: 01-05-1987 00:00:00
In this document: Simon Anders, Peter Armstrong, Tim Arnold, Eddie Atwell, Clive Benjamin, Peter Bennet, Ken Berry, Richard Bliss, Pat Bluett, Mike Brown, Tim Brunsden, Mark Bugeja, Gary Clark, Paul Clarke, George Clempson, James Cogswell, Jason Congerton, John Congerton, Phil Cook, Colin Cooper, Marcus Cotterstone, Giles Croker, Simon Davies, Gordon Day, Piers Dingemans, Phil Dorgan, Nick Downes, George Duckworth, Jake Edmonds, Pat Egan, Dave Ellis, Dave Finch, Tom Fisher, John Fletcher, Seamus Foley, Steve Foot, Paul Foreman, David Godfrey, Paul Green, Gordon Griffiths, Tony Groves, Craig Gyetvai, Mike Hartley, Peter Holkenhull, Dave Horne, Hugh Hutchison, Andy Johns, Graham Johnson, Seamus Kerr, Andy Kershaw, Steve Lee, Jerry Lowen, Paul Lowen, Quentin Maclaurin, J P D Mallinson, John Martin, Frank McHale, Graham Melhuish, Paul Morgan, Bill Mousley, Carl Nixon, John O'Donnell, Nigel Peck, Olly Proctor, Michael Raw, Phillip Rice, Pat Sharp, Jack Snell, Jason Snell, Vittorio Spadavecchia, C G Stiles, Bill Taylor, Duncan Taylor, Andy Tivenon, Malcolm Tolley, DJS Webber, Mike Whitfield, Jack Wilcock, Geoff Wilcox, G J Williams, Rob Williams (winger), Dennis Wilson, John Wilson, Mark Witherspoon, Martin Woelfel
Copyright: © Ealing Football Club (RU)

Ealing will appear at Twickenham for the Middlesex Sevens Junior Clubs competition on 9 May.

Under 19s victory in the Middlesex Cup, when they defeated Ruislip 14 points to 4. Inspired by Captain Craig Gyetvai, who the previous day had played as hooker in an England trial,

Jim Cogswell pays his subs and continues to play for the Club. A triumphant return to the Ist XV at Uxbridge bodes well.

Five weeks of absence in the same secret training camp which had turned Mike Whitfield from a back row into a prop had done the trick!

Seamus Foley's brilliant rendition of Swan Lake on a Marlow forward's head, spoiled only by the realisation that the person standing next to him was the referee, not Margot Fonteyn.

Includes Evergreens 20th Anniversary. Colts U17s Tour to Wales.

Team results for 12 teams: six senior, Evergreens, Wanderers, U19, U17, U16 and U15.


Ode To Denham

Oh! Denham - roundabout of my dreams
My Saturday Night's spent there it seems
Onward to 'The Falcon' after dark
Led as usual by Paul "Norman" Clarke
To drink our beers - our sorrows drown
And have a laugh at poor Bob Brown
But when our rugger days are spent
And to our women we must repent
Our memories shall be kept alive
Of hours wasted - on the M25!

Ode To A Team Secretary

I am a rugby player, with the Ealing Football Club
I get cold and wet on a Saturday, when I could be down the publ

When the game is over, and I arrive home late
The wife will look at me and say, "what a sorry state"

I talk and sing and moan a while, and drink a little bit
If only my mum could see me then - she'd really have a fit

On Sunday morning when I wake, I wonder where I've been
Then I remember where I was - with those merry men in green

But now and then I ask myself, why there's one or two
Who take too much for granted - they haven't got a clue

They cry off late with doubtful tales of woe
I can't play on Saturday - I've gone and bruised my toe

My budgies beak has just dropped off, the labrador1' got flu

I'm terribly sorry to let you down, but what else can I do
My running nose is getting worse - it's running like a tap

Where do they get these stories - what a load of crap I
We turn out teams both good and poor - we really do our best

But sometimes it's not easy, it's often quite a test
So if you can, avoid it and play despite your 'pain'
Come on down to your friendly Club and enjoy a rugby game
Phil Cook

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