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End of Season Newsletter 1971
Type: Document
Date: 01-04-1971 00:00:00
In this document: Tim Arnold, C S Bevan, J G Bird, Richard Bliss, Eric Braithwaite, George Clempson, Roger Curtis, Chris Egan, Pat Egan, Rob Gammage, L B Grace, Gordon Griffiths, N Harrington, A G Hermon, Terry Humphreys, Stuart Laird, S J Larkin, A Maddocks, J P D Mallinson, Mike McMahon, ? Meredith, Philip Mountbatten, Gerry Nolan, Mike Parle, Dave Patterson, D G Phillips, Dave Rayner, Liz Rayner, John Reed, Peter Sargeant, Will Sinnott, R W Sowerby, R Steer, R L Tebbutt, Finton Trayner, D B Watson, C C Whitfield, Dereck Williams, M Williams, Dave Young
Copyright: © Ealing Football Club (RU)

"The final letter of Centenary Season, and how appropriate that this season has seen the most successful playing record ever achieved by the 1st XV."

"If there had been no Dave Rayner at Ealing this season, then the record would have looked very different indeed."

"The Club is structured to field six teams, To do this theoretically requires 90 players but allowing for illness, accident and other reasons for non-availability, a playing strength of 120 is needed. Add to this the fact that about a third of the Club changes each year, i.e., 40 leaving and 40 joining. To me the essential statistic is that using round numbers there are 30 fixtures and 10 social events in a season. With 90 active players on average spending 5 hrs at each, adds up to the grand total of 18,000 hours being spent year in, year out."

"The Duke of Edinburgh proposed the toast, "The Rugby Union" and I expect you have seen reports of his speech in the press; what was not reported was that he was given "Why Was He Born So Beautiful" when he got up to speak, and received a standing ovation at the end of his address."

Includes report on the tour to Dax.

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