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Newsletter Over The Bar 1994
Type: Document
Date: 01-06-1994 00:00:00
In this document: Peter Armstrong, Tim Arnold, Kathy Bedford, Clive Benjamin, Malcolm Bentley, Richard Bliss, Andy Breeze, Mark Bugeja, Michael Carroll, Steve Carter, Gareth Chilcott, Marco Ciarrocca, George Clempson, Kim Cogswell, Colin Cooper, Ian Corbett, Bob Cordiner, John Critchfield, Roger Danks, Colin Dee, S Dingle, Jake Edmonds, Steve Foot, Gordon Griffiths, Phil Gyetvai, Lester Hadfield, John Halliday, Roger Hard, M Hedley, Joe Hicks, Sam Hicks, Dave Higgins, Dave Horne, Giles Houston, Terry Humphreys, Martin Jones, Steve Keen, John Kerr, Seamus Kerr, Pat Kirby, Steve Lee, Simon Lilly, Simon Lodge, Perry Mahoney, Pat Martin, Lawson Mayers, Liam McCarthy, Charles Miller, Paul Monteith, Paul Morris, Mat Moss, Bill Mousley, Jonny Murphy, Russell O'Brien, Mark O'Connell, Les O'Gorman, Mick O'Regan, Nigel Peck, Pat Randles, Harvey Ross, Steve Rowe, Chandra Sekar, Graham Shaw, Jack Snell, Jason Snell, Bill Taylor, Terry Thompson, S Townsley, Roger Uttley, Craig Wheeler, G J Williams, Dennis Wilson, Martin Woelfel, Alan Wragg
Copyright: © Ealing Football Club (RU)

"The beer was so weak that it could almost legally be sold to babies."

"On the instructions of the Executive Committee and to wind up Bill Taylor, the price of all drinks is to be raised by 5 pence."

"Perry Mahoney's jokes in The Falcon, Denham including a detailed piece on the classic TV series "Daktari" (the one with Clarence the cross-eyed lion)."

Ten teams in action over the season.

Short report on the Club Dinner 1994.

Date published is approximate.

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